Monday, May 3, 2010

The Gavel-Memorial Box Monday

What is a Memorial Box? A Memorial Box is a way to remember what God has done for us. It's so easy to forget. Think about the Israelites.

You place a item on a shelf or set of shelves (your Memorial Box) dedicated to remembering these remembering what God has done. When the times get hard, you have a visual reminder that God is there, loving you, holding you, very active in your life.

This last week has been an amazing week of joy and peace, not the stress that many would expect. This last week we waited, surrounded by peace, for our court date in Ethiopia. This wasn't one that we traveled for, but one that we had no control over...though God did.

We started the home school week on Tuesday by opening up the Bible. Actually we first checked to see what the memory verse was. It was completely from God.

"Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart."
Psalm 37:4

All week we reveled in the peace we felt. We knew Friday was HUGE for us, but had nothing but peace and joy. Knowing myself pretty well (at least a few of my personalities...wink wink) I knew this would normally have my heart beating a million miles an hour and have me, well truthfully...freaking out. This week was anything but that though...this week was a giant peacefest. Yes, I know that brings 70's music to mind...for that I sincerely apologize :).

We have been astounded at the support and prayers we've received. Here is just a few ways God showed us more blessing and love...

*During the week people would stop us to let us know they were praying.
*I ate up the Bible. Don't you love when you get that hungry feeling for God's word?
*We literally had at least one person every HALF hour email us, message us, or call during our wait for news on Friday. Most of the time it was more than one.
*God convicted my best friend and had her praying fervently for the babies. People I hardly knew shared with us they were praying.
*Friends stopped me to share with me they are getting up in the middle of the night to pray for court (since it most likely took place in the middle of the night for us).
*Friends were getting dreams.
*Friends shared with me that they just had this overwhelming peace and were confident. Notice I said "FriendS"...that's more than one.
*I had one of my son's teachers (who is astounding) tell me she was making our adoption announcements (hand drawing, her God given talent).

God moved and convicted so many over these little ones. God is very present and active in each of our lives. He's not distant. He's amazing.

There are a couple of things I didn't share about court before we passed. As an awesome friend stated, basically it had become uncommon for people to pass court the first time. The statistics say that only 40% pass court the first time...and I haven't even seen that. God is so much more than the way the way things "normally" are...more than a statistic. If your facing God. He's bigger than any government.

This Memorial Box Monday we will place a little gavel in a box to remember, yet again, God's favor.
We are so amazingly blessed. I feel humbled at God's love and power. I want to write this now...while it is all still fresh, because so many doubt that God could answer each and every prayer, could listen to each thought, of every one of His children. He does though. He loves us each individually. He is not distant or remote. He is our Father. He loves us very personally.
Thank you my God for the blessings you showered on us this week. Thank you for loving us that much.


  1. Oh, Kat, I'm still rejoicing in your news. Our God is bigger than governments, statistics, road blocks and red tape. The beautiful road home has been paved with prayer for Rachel and Gabriel.

    It's been a blessing and a privilege to pray alongside you to bring your babies home.

    Much Love,

  2. Kat!
    Hooray! Hooray! Yeah God for bringing peace right when there should be stress! Hooray for your little ones! I cannot wait to follow more!


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