Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fly Lady Anyone?!

Well, I joined Fly Lady (again) today.

For those of you that don't know what it is, it's a site that's supposed to help you to get on top of your clutter. It does help, I've done it before, but fell off the wagon. Okay, I took a giant leap off the wagon into a big ol' giant canyon. It's time to claw my way back up to the top. Of course, in my brilliance, I'm starting only about a month before the babies come home. Yep, any bets on how long I will stick with it (smile)?

The above picture is my not terribly attractive couch. Notice the pile of clean, yet unfolded, laundry and the carpet cleaner standing in front. It's to combat the odd smell in the carpet (orange juice, animal, and....hmmm...maybe lollipop?). The laundry basket is just magic upside down (think someone may have been trying to capture the laundry fairy with it).

Anyway...Fly Lady anyone?
Fly Lady Website

For anyone that knows me...can't do the shoes! Sorry Fly Lady!


  1. im betting for you not against you :)

  2. NO. Way!! I'd join you on a lot of things, but not this one! Been there, done that! LOL Causes stress in my life (my perfectionist tendencies, I know!)

  3. Hee hee! I have that same pile of laundry and same smell recipe on my carpet! I love the Fly Lady, too.

    You also made me laugh with the comment on my blog about using your cape to dust. Too funny!

    Oh, each day brings you one day closer to bringing your babies home. They are beyond precious!

    You remain in our prayers!



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