Saturday, May 29, 2010

Donations, Giveaway, Protein Bars, and Prayers

Last night my "alternate reality" returned (see last post) with much sleep deprivation. Our eight year old woke up with a fever (hoping I'm hallucinating). Still waiting for my life time supply of chocolate to arrive (perfect time of month for it too).

I wanted first to say "thank you" to those who have donated so far to help with the cool opportunities we've had placed in front of us! If you haven't read about it you can just glance to the right and you can see what we are doing! We've decided that if we exceed our goal, to start purchasing protein bars in bulk. Our sweet Bekah had a form of malnutrition that was protein based (a lack of). It looks like one of our sweet twins may have had that as well.

The last time we traveled to Ethiopia we brought bags of candy. As we handed these out I was reaming myself...what these children needed was food and clean drinking water. We hope to rectify that this time and maybe help in just a small way by handing out more of what they need. What do you think?

If you still wish to donate, there is a button to the side of this blog and ALL funds raised will go to those who face need in Ethiopia. Thank you all for making a child's day a little bit brighter (the art project for A HOPE...which, by the way, we found for a more reasonable price), helping some little ones stay dry (disposable diapers for Toukoul), and helping these little ones get what they need in way of nutrition (Soy formula and protein bars)!

Now to the giveaway...yep, I know I'm late with this one! Part of it was exhaustion. Getting ready for a trip to Ethiopia (that we don't know when will take place) has been a challenge (and a blast :)). Also, finances have been a tad tight while we get ready...thus finding something to give away was a little harder.

That was before I realized I pulled a MAJOR brain hiccup!!! About a month and a half ago I found three books that I love (and already own) on sale! I even remember thinking, "Wow, these would be great to give away on my blog". These are the adoption books I recommend to EVERYONE!

Seriously, in the ministry God has placed before us (Adoption Support), these are the first books we recommend to those asking!

Today we are giving away a set of three books, "Parenting the Hurt Child", "Adopting the Hurt Child", and "Parenting Adopted Adolescents" by Keck and Kupecky. These are awesome books and we can't wait to share them with you!!! If you would like to enter, just leave your name and a way to get a hold of you! Sorry, we can only mail to the U..S.! We will pick a winner the DAY we get our Embassy date (the date we travel). It could be any day and it could be a couple of weeks (we're mean like

This giveaway is a celebration though. It's a celebration of what God has done for us and of these wonderful blessings we call our children!

Lastly, we have some prayer requests....

This "alternate reality" mommy is tired and not doing as well with the wait as I would like. Actually, I'm okay with's just the not knowing how long we will have to wait lately. Does that make sense? Even if we do have to wait a month to pick up the twins in Ethiopia, at least I would know. This time I'm adding peace to our list (and a quick embassy Anyway....Here's the gist if you have a moment to spend in prayer....

In all these things we want God's will above all else.

Our Adoption Requests:
*That our little ones are picked up, loved, and healthy until we get there.
*That God prepares their hearts and minds for us and the transition is smooth.
*That we receive a quick embassy date and will be able to travel in June if God wills.
*For our children's bio family....that they have peace and know Christ.
*That the funds finish coming in and that everything sells as we finish the tail end of fundraising to bring the little ones home.
*For peace as we wait...both for the babies and us.
*Please also pray for complete protection and health on our trip (as families are coming home with parasites, viruses, etc.). satan (not capitalized on purpose) also tends to send barbs at you when you're following God. Please pray that he is rendered ineffective and God protects us from these barbs.

For Other Families and Their Adoptions...
*Daniel in Liberia (with hydrocephaly) will be in his mommy's arms soon. Please pray for their travel and his health.
*Please pray as Olivia Mame (Ethiopia) will be in her mommy's arms soon as well. Please pray that God prepares her heart and for their trip.
(Yes, these are two children that governments had to move to enable them to come home...and God did just that, moved governments.)
*Please pray for Rolando and Julia (Guatemala) to be able to come home soon. Their adoption journey has now hit FIVE YEARS.
*Renae, as her court date in Bulgaria is like NOW. Please pray God's hand is on them.

*Please pray for four year old Chrissie's family. She just passed away after a long battle. Please pray for comfort and peace that only God can give.
*Please pray for little Abby (with Leukemia). She's having a hard time and can use prayers for complete healing and wisdom for the doctors and families. Also, for Tatum and Elke who are in the midst of the same battle.


  1. I think you should pick the first comment! ;)

  2. I would love these and I don't own any of them but have adopted 7 children, 5 from Ethiopia, and 5 of then have been ages 7 and older. What great resources! :-) Congrats on your sweet newest little blessings!
    Love, Kristy

  3. LOL. So excited for you guys. And from what I've been reading around once you find out how long you have to wait, its not enough time to get ready. lol. a couple of people ive read lately were waiting to see how long they would wait, and then bam within a week they had to leave. so im praying it all happens very quickly for you. very very cool. and the protein bars are a fabulous idea! i was thinking the same thing when i was reading about having candy to hand out - like whose going to pay the dentist bill for that candy's destructiveness. Also I heard about handing out toothbrushes too. Healthy mouth helps to have a healthy body right? Can you tell you are hearing from someone who spent all her savings on dental bills last year from neglected dental visits? LOL. anyhow ill enter the giveaway. kimfooyoungATgmailDOTcom or

  4. We just adopted two children from Ethiopia; I love reading books that help ('cause I can use all the help I can get!!)
    :) Susan

  5. I reallllllly want these books!!!! We are currently waiting for our referral, and I need some good reading to fill my time!!!!
    Amanda in TN

  6. Hi Kat! Thanks for praying for us!! I KNOW about waiting,LOL!! Praying for an embassy date that is at the PERFECT time, for you and the babies! Oh, and definitely NO parasites or viruses..YUUUUUCK!

  7. Hello there,
    The books on your giveaway list sound like great reads. I will definitely be adding them to my list to purchase, (I'm in England and the shipping to here is outrageous) but thank you for the recommendation.

    I do hope that your trip to Ethiopia goes well and comes soon. And I hope that your precious little ones are healthy and happy. Give them an extra hug from me :D

    My husband and I hope to adopt one day as well, so I look forward to learning as much as I can from you and your wonderful blog. God bless you and your family. Eve

  8. You and your family are so inspirational - thank you for the encouragement you give all the rest of us! We are adopting an 'older' child (3-5) from Kazakhstan now and would love to be able to read these books. Blessings, Lauren

  9. Hey Kat! we have been praying for you and will continue. Thanks for doing this giveaway. I've been reading several similar books from the library and thought, "I should just go ahead and buy these cause I'm never gonna remember all this stuff when the kids get here."

    Lesya :)

  10. Praying your embassy date will come soon. The books sound very interesting. We adopted an older child (12) at the time and still could use resources. He will be 15 in July. The road has been bumpy but God has brought us through. Can't wait to hear and see about your trip to Ethiopia. God bless.

    Gena Beam

  11. Praying your embassy date will come soon. The books sound very interesting. We adopted an older child (12) at the time and still could use resources. He will be 15 in July. The road has been bumpy but God has brought us through. Can't wait to hear and see about your trip to Ethiopia. God bless.

    Gena Beam

  12. sweetwonderfulwifeSunday, May 30, 2010

    Hi, Kat,
    I really enjoy reading your blog, as it helps reignite my enthusiasm for my bio and adopted kids and for adoption in general. I would love to read these books you're giving away! We will pray for a quick date, so you can be with your newest children ASAP!!
    Shelly (shellybolton@windstreamDOTnet)

  13. Congratulations!
    We just recieved a referral after almost twenty months of waiting! I would love to win those books!

  14. Would love to win a book!

  15. i have those books on my "wish list" over at Amazon. We're working on our home study now and would LOVE to get my hands on those books!!


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