Thursday, May 27, 2010

Donate to the Children

The time is coming. Whether two weeks or four weeks, anytime we may receive THE email with our travel date. As we are gathering items for the twins, we are also gathering things for two very special reasons (or actually about 100). God has blessed us with opportunities that are really cool.

We have talked to A HOPE and plan on visiting the older kids orphanage and doing a hands on project with them. Though we plan on visiting "Little A HOPE" and bringing a little something, these little ones are loved on most often. It is an honor and privilege to go and get to interact with these awesome kids!

There are 50 of these great kids and that means 50 art projects! We are juggling finances to bring our precious blessings home and an extra $150 isn't the easiest to do. That's $3 a child.

If funds allow it, we would like to decorate (with paint pens) totes/caps with these kids. Something they could keep and be just theirs. Oriental Trading Company is great (and the cheapest), but it still adds up with the hats/totes, paint pens, etc.

This is where our little ones are.

We had it shared with us that they need disposable diapers desperately. In the rainy season line drying can be extremely hard (I'm spoiled with a dryer).

Also, Soy formula for lactose intolerant babies can be very hard to come by.

My husband and I are currently hoping for $200-$250 to be able to buy supplies to bring with us. We are limited in what we can bring, but we thought we could pack a Rubbermaid bin or two with formula and diapers. As you know...formula can be expensive as well.

We have temporarily placed a "Donate" button on the side of our blog. If you wish to donate to these awesome kids, all you have to do is click and donate button (through "Pay Pal"). We know God will provide, whether through this blog or another way. We are not worried, but thought we'd put this opportunity out there to our bloggy friends! :)

Every single cent donated will buy supplies and if there is ANY left over, we will use those excess funds to help those in need in Ethiopia.

Again, ALL funds we are gathering through this blog are for those in need as we travel to bring home our precious blessings.


  1. Ohhhh, so excited for you!
    Great ideas to love and support those precious kids in Ethiopia - wishing you many blessings!!!
    (You're making me excited to go back :)

  2. i love that you are doing this! You're incredible. :-) Love on those kids for me too while you're down there!!


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