Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Babies and Funds....

We are all so very human. Though very excited, my humanness has come to a forefront. Yesterday two things occurred, both of which are in God's Hands, but my humanness kicks the snot out of that logic at times :).

Do you ever know things, absolute knowledge (without a doubt), but emotionally you have concerns? That's where I am. Without a doubt I KNOW that God does not bring any of us on a journey, lead you there, and then drop you off? Life is not a carpool lane. He stays with you and provides for where He led.

Yet, even knowing that and being excited to see how God works in this, I feel I need to share my humanness today. I'm terribly excited to see God's plan come to fruition, yet...I'm stressed out because it hasn't yet. I laugh as I write that. That, my friends, is my complete kooky honesty. I am sometimes heard saying, "There is no limbo in God, just God's timing." I firmly believe this, yet my feet are firmly on this earth today, as I pray that God lifts me up in His arms. When I am resting in His arms I remember...I don't have control, God does.

I've written about finances in adoption many times. It's not an easy thing for any family. God convicted us this time to just trust Him, no loans, just trust...that's what I'm going to do. He will convict those who He's going to convict. He will bring refund checks that we (or others) don't expect when the time is right. He will allow things to sell as they are needed. God is so firmly in control. Even as I write this I receive more peace. You see (sorry for the million phrases) though I scream from the mountain tops that my Savior is bigger than any government, He is also bigger than any wallet or bank account.

So as we plan (and know now that we will most likely fly to Ethiopia at the most expensive time) I'm glad and I will celebrate the opportunity to watch God work in this. I can't wait!!!


If you wondering the events that brought this on, we priced general plane tickets to Ethiopia in June (though we don't know for sure that's when we will travel) yesterday. Our twins are SO worth this...every blessed sent (seriously, it's blessed).

That's not the most important event though. We received pictures of our precious babies Rachel and Gabriel. We are concerned, as our son seems to not be thriving. His weight, though not on paper, has obviously gone down. He also has a million mile stare that may just be his "happy place" when he's unhappy or overwhelmed. Bekah had that occasionally when she first came home. Obviously our hearts just long for our love and cherish we pray.

UPDATE: God placed His Hand on the situation yet again :). The doctor (we were told by a few other adoptive parents) on average takes four days to respond. She responded today (I emailed yesterday). We are praising God for her. She is seeing the twins on Saturday!!!! Thank you Lord!!!

Praises and Prayer Requests

*We passed court!!!
*God is providing!!!
*Daniel (Liberia) just got a form that will move his adoption forward!!!
*Olivia Mame passed court!!!
*Rolando and Julia had their Empathy Study!!!
These are just a few of MANY!!!

Prayer Requests
Our Adoption:
*Please pray for the twins and their health. Please pray that God heals any infirmity. Please pray that they are loved on until we get there and that God prepares their hearts for us.
*Please pray for a quick Embassy date.
*Please pray for the twins biological family, that they know Christ and have peace through Him. Our blessing is through their pain and suffering.
*Please pray that God continue to bless us financially as we gather the final funds.

*Prayers for Olivia Mame...a quick Embassy date (she passed court after TWO YEARS of waiting!)
*Prayers for Rolando and Julia (Guatemala)to come home after FIVE years!!!
* For Daniel (Liberia) and his health. That the rest of his adoption FLIES and he can come home and that the country opens up to adoptions so that Junior and Diamoh can come home quickly as well.
*Ranea awaiting court for their daughter in Liberia. Got a difficult judge, but that God uses that in an extraordinary blessing of a way!

Please pray for Abby, a little girl with Leukemia. Please pray for healing and peace for her family. Please also pray for Tatum and Elke who are also struggling with Leukemia.

Please also pray for Chrissie, a little girl that had heart surgery and died twice in the last week and a half. She is doing much better and off the heart and lung bypass, but still needs a ventilator. Please pray for complete healing of her lungs and heart. If there is any disease present in her lungs, please pray it is completely gone. Please pray for NO infection, her heart to function WONDERFULLY and just the way it needs to. Please also pray for movement on both sides of her body (the doctors fear a stroke) and for body to be completely healed. Seriously, this little girl is a miracle. You can read about her here....



  1. I'm so excited to watch God work His miracles for you:)! We have made our blog private because the MOJ in Bulgaria is hearing rumors that we are posting "no-no" information about our daughter...a LIE...but we have been through this before, and so it's time to go private...I included you though, so you still have access:)...Did I mention the reason I follow your blog is because Ethiopia is heavy on my heart for our next adoption??:)

  2. I needed this! I just wrote a very similar (yet not quite so pretty!) post!
    Blessings, friend. Hope both our families are able to travel soon!!

  3. What a post! It is nice to see encouragement like this. We too don't know God is going to make this happen, but we are human (aka nervous) and excited to see how He does it.


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