Friday, April 16, 2010

Waiting No Longer!!! Giveaway!!!

Okay, the day is finally here for our next giveaway!

This giveaway is celebrating the news we got on Monday....our COURT DATE IN ETHIOPIA!

It is set for April 30th!

We are almost to Gabriel and Rachel! PRAISE GOD!!!!


Through another blog "Raising 3 Babes in a 3rd World" I found out about a really neat store where 50% of the profits go to one of three charities.

Did I mention this is SO cool?!!! You also get to choose which of these three charities your proceeds to go to (Ethiopian Orphan Relief, Ethiopia Reads, or The Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital).

Check out these products!
Give All for Love

Just leave a comment at the end of this post to enter for YOUR choice of one of their products! Right now they have four listed...two for hair and two for skin. They're all around the same price and I just couldn't decide which one to give PICK!

Please remember to leave a way for me to get a hold of you!!! Sorry, but we can only ship to the U.S.!

I haven't ordered from them before, so I'm really excited to find out about their products!

We will draw a name on APRIL 30th!!! I don't know if we'll have gotten the "You've passed court!" email yet, but we'll celebrate anyway!

Check back this time next month for the next giveaway! We may be so excited that we have another giveaway right away to celebrate being and official family of NINE!!!!

Tell you what, when we get the email that we've passed court we will have a quickie DOUBLE to figure out what we're going to giveaway...hmmm. I've been eyeing another adoption necklace and a really cool bag. Who knows!!!

For those that have gone to our garage sales and aided us, we want to make sure that everyone knows that the funds for these few inexpensive items are saved from our paycheck. We just feel it's important to celebrate and help others out there with these few small purchases. Every item we give away helps bring a child home, helps an orphan, or helps a really worthy cause.

Thank you for celebrating our court date with us! WOO HOO! GOD ROCKS!!!!


Prayer Requests
*That God's Hands are on the babies, keeping them healthy and loved.
*That God is with the biological family, helping them to know Him and have peace that only He gives.
* That we pass court the first time on April 30th.
*That the letter from MOWA (which is often a reason for rescheduling court) is present.
*That everyone that needs to be present is there, with proper ID's (which is often a reason for rescheduling court)
*That our paperwork makes it to the embassy and their investigation is completed quickly AND that we travel quickly.
*That funds pour in like water in a surge of blessing.
*That the Ethiopian elections are peaceful and rioting is a thing of Ethiopia's past, not present.

Prayers for Others...
Prayers for Olivia Mame (Ethiopia) to pass court (after two years in process) this coming week.
Prayers for Rolando and Julia (Guatemala), for their empathy study coming up this coming week and for a quick process to bring them home (it's coming up on FIVE years).
For Daniel (Liberia) and his health. That the last signature to come home is signed and that the country opens up to adoptions so that Junior and Diamoh can come home quickly as well.

Please pray for Abby, a little girl with Leukemia, she is very ill right now. Please pray for healing and peace for her family. Please also pray for Tatum and Elke who are also struggling with Leukemia.


  1. oops! email is and my blog is

    Pure Love for Curls

  2. Congratulations!!!

    I checked out the page and love the Pure Love for curls!

    Blessings to you!

  3. Thanks for letting us know about this site! Awesome that 50% goes to an ET charity! Twist of Fate sounds great- I'm always looking for curl care for Mekele. :)

  4. Congrats!! Cant wait to be in your shoes, still waiting on our I-600. I will be praying for you to pass first time thur!
    I pick the pure love for curls

  5. They have some great products!

    i liked Pure Love!

    Mahalo -

  6. Those products look great...I haven't decided which I would pick but they all look awesome. And we have a court date coming up too. Exciting days!!!!

  7. I would vote for Pure Love. I am so, SO excited for you! Can't wait to see those pics! :)

  8. Congratulations! We have been home with our Mintesinot for 2 years tomorrow. The pure love for skin looks amazing. We are constantly battling dry skin. Good luck with your court date. Your babies will be home before you know it!

  9. I remember getting our court date for our son, Abrham, who is almost 15 now. It was an awesome time. We were able to go get him one week after his court date. It's been a bumpy road since then, but God has been faithful and things are much better now. God bless you on this amazing journey with the twins. My email is and we live near Waxahachie, but will soon move to Midlothian which is also close to Waxahachie.

  10. I think the Pure Love would be great for my girls' hair. mollyandaaron at hotmail dot com.

  11. I think the Shea Me Some Love would be great for my daughters and me. We all have such dry skin.
    Thanks for this opportunity!

    Tracy in NC


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