Friday, April 9, 2010

To Our Future Little Ones

Gabriel and Rachel,

We haven't met you, but we love you more that you can imagine.

We miss you, though we've never held you.

We check the email feverishly every day, waiting to know if we have a court date so we can start the process of bringing you home.

The wait is agonizing to hold you in our arms. Our arms ache to hold you.

The ideas of planning trips, getting in shape, yard sales, and painting rooms fade to the background as we wish we could board the plane to bring you home tomorrow.

You have two brothers, three sisters, and grandma (and many many more) that talk about you every day and pray for you both every day. I'm not sure your feet will ever touch the floor once our bodies hit U.S. soil, as everyone just wants to hold and love on you.

We pray and pray for you, for your health and safety. We pray that you feel loved by others until we swoop you up into our arms. We pray we can bring you home soon.

You are our children of our heart. God has planted you there. God told us where you were and we're just trying to bring you home.

Hold on sweet ones, mommy and daddy are coming....


  1. I can't even read this...have too much to do to be crying now....

  2. So sweet. (Yep, tears are flowing.) I pray that you get your court date soon and you'll soon be on your way to bring Rachel and Gabriel home.

    Much Love,


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