Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Three Days...No Wait...Two Days!!!

Three wait....

Okay, I'm with Renae.
Friday is day zero and we actually will only be waiting today and tomorrow....SOOOO, here's day three and day two!

I'm feeling very accomplished having taken care of two days in one. :)

I've been goofy up until now...ya, that's normal for me. "6 DAYS!!!" dealt with insanity. "5 DAYS!!!" dealt with laughter. "4 DAYS!!!" was our busyness in pictures. Today, I'm gonna go a little serious on you. Today I'm going to talk about the three ways we truthfully keep a grip on life and the two ways God has given us to stay encouraged and not alone.

We are still laughing and being silly here, but I need to make sure I share the true reason this week is such a joy (and very peaceful) for us.

Three Ways We Get Through a Week that Would be Very Stressful Normally....

1. God's Word...THE Bible, is intricately important to us right now (and always). He is intimately involved with each step of our lives. The Bible not only is a diary into the heart of our Heavenly Father, but He often directs us and gives words to our stressed out hearts. Yesterday, so obviously from God, our memory verse for the week (which I didn't know or's set at the beginning of the semester) was Psalm 37:4. Only our Father would direct this verse to this week.

"Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart."

We are not one in millions to God, but individuals...His children who He loves and who He speaks to through His Word.

2. Prayer...our communication to God in our relationship to Him. He also communicates to us often as we pray. This week has been such a blessing in a way I didn't expect. I have been blessed to truly petition for others. God has blessed me in that He's shown me wonderful hearts and heart felt needs. We have been petitioning around the clock for both Chrissie and Abby. We have been praying for others struggling and others we love. It has been a privilege.

Our God has also listened. He has listened to our prayers. He has listened to your prayers. We have peace this week, and joy, because of you all...our prayer warriors. God not only has blessed us in letting us pray for others, but He has BIG TIME blessed us in convicting others to pray for us. You have blessed us through your prayers.

"Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." 1 Thessalonians 5:16-17

3.Church...getting together with fellow believers to worship and fellowship. God has recently led us to a wonderful group of believers. As you know, God led us out of the Church that we were previously (that is STILL blessing us with prayer) and we have found ourselves at a Church (after visiting several wonderful congregations) that feels like family...that God has given us peace over...and that have helped us not feel so alone as the waves roll in. It's an amazing difference that has been made in our hearts and family. To have a home to worship...a hub as He sends us all out (not a destination).

"Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching." Hebrews 10:25

These three things have been vital in progressing this week. A relationship with God takes two. God is waiting, we just need to realize the time we spend with God is even more important than the time we spend with our children or spouse. He gives us a choice to seek a relationship with Him or not. He still loves us (nothing can separate us from that love), but we have a choice. This relationship brings Salvation where no other relationship can do that.

Since I'm being SOOO proactive and just skipping a day today (smile), I thought I better do a "2 DAYS!!!" too :).

The importance of friends and family has been tantamount in our adoptive journey. God has given us our extended network of support. For some it may be family, friends, or even adoption support groups....

Two Ways We Have Felt God's Presence This Week....

1. Family...our family has been a supportive rock through our adoption. Would we have adopted if they weren't? YES, but thankfully they have been there for us, praying, supporting, donating, and just been a blessing in general. They have been a God given rock for us. God is the ROCK (all in caps) and he's given us family to be a rock here on earth. Human rocks may fail, but God never does. (I had to add that, because God is the ONLY one who will NEVER fail us).

2. Friends (our extended family) has grown and grown. Prayers from our closest most intimate friends, our Church family, our adoption support family, and people we don't even know have surrounded us.

God has also given messages through those surrounding and supporting us. He's impressed our children on friend's hearts. He's had them share things we needed to hear.

Just yesterday a wonderful family that is adopting from Ethiopia (just signed the contract...Woo Hoo!!!) shared with us about the "attack" they've been experiencing.

I almost don't know of anyone who hasn't experienced this spiritual attack when they've started to adopt or are following God in their actions. Often it's multiple things breaking (as finances are always a concern for adoptive parents), things going wrong at work that NEVER have before, and attacks from others (unkindness) well as many other things. These things we think of as barbs from satan. he (I won't capitalize anything referring to the master of lies) can't get what he really wants...for you to NOT follow God, so he attacks a million little things surrounding you.

This wonderful friend got me thinking. We need to be praying against these barbs. Often, I find myself saying, "Lord, please don't let anything else happen." instead of, "Lord, please protect us against these barbs of satan...since I know he will attack."

We are now praying exactly that. We are praying that we are protected against these barbs. As satan can't get at us, he will try to get at those surrounding us and we are praying for them to be protected from barbs as well. We are praying for our Ethiopian lawyer, the judge, the biological family (we always have prayed for them), and everyone involved in our little one's journey to have a supernatural (God) protection against these barbs.

Why we didn't do this from day one? Because the message came yesterday through a sweet woman. Our Heavenly Father gave us a heads up we so desperately needed. He wants us to ask.

I shared this to remind everyone that friends and family are not just there for support. God uses them as well in our journeys.

Well, I wrote a book today...I know. Yet, I needed to share what God has been doing and the real reason for a path that has been filled with joy this week.

See you tomorrow bloggy friends, from the house where we are praying, reading, and fellowshipping. Where busyness, laughter, and insanity never ceases. The house where, for the next two days, you will find us huddled up in prayer....



  1. Thank you so much again for your prayers this past week! I really cherish them daily...and thanks too for reminding me WHO is most important in all of this JESUS! The enemy will not win! 1 more day!!!! I won't count's half over anyway:)! Storming the gates of heaven for you and your little ones!

  2. Praying, praying, praying! You're so close!

    Hang in there!



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