Sunday, April 11, 2010

Prayers, Though it Doesn't Make Up for "Attack of the Starburst"

Sometimes in life you think of a person that you can't believe likes you after what you put them through ;). That is my old college roommate, Amy. Though I went to a wonderful Christian University, I was FAR from an ideal roommate. I had a ton of growing up to do. You can ask her about the smuggled mice, kitten, or boys. She may have to go back to therapy if you do, but go ahead and ask. Okay, so I haven't changed as much as I thought (smile).

After years of not seeing her, I ran into her on one of the "oh so popular" social networking sites. Even after what I put her through, she still accepted my "friend" request.

Amy keeps me laughing and has an awesome love for God. Tomorrow she is going in to have a C-section with her second blessing and very first little girl.

I want to ask something of my bloggy friends (and no, this isn't to make up for what I did...hee hee), please pray for Amy tomorrow (Monday). Please pray for the health of her little sweet one and for her. Also, please pray for peace that passes understanding.

Thank you for the continued prayers for our adoption...specifically for Gabriel and Rachel. No court date as of yet, but the time will come. Meanwhile we celebrate the two new little ones, pray, and prepare.

Thank you for continuing to pray for their health, that they are loved by those around, and for a quick court date (passing the first time).

Hugs to all you you!!!

P.S. If your wondering about the title, don't forget to ask her about what I used to love as a late night snack...on the top bunk.

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