Monday, April 12, 2010

Memorial Box Monday-Olivia Mame, Praises, and Waiting

As I wait to hear about my friend Amy and her precious blessing (she had a C-section today), I'm reminded of another little girl that is to be born into her family this week....Olivia Mame.

Many of you know that a about a year ago God led me (all within a week or two) to several stories of children that need to come home. Stories where governments HAVE to move for this to happen. He placed these children in front of me and one word continuously came to mind...pray.

One little girl that God placed on my heart is Jubilee...her mom is the creator of Memorial Box Monday.

What is today? Monday of course...

Welcome to my Memorial Box Monday Post.

Today I will celebrate the joy of watching God move, where governments aren't. Yes, I know this is not happening to me directly, but watching God answer prayers affects me beyond words. It encourages me and gives me hope.

Seven little ones have become such a part of my heart. Seven children that are awaiting their forever families.

Jubilee's journey was the first God led me to. Her story is amazing. God moved governments to bring Jubilee home from China. As we prayed for our own children, Jubilee was always there too. You can read about Jubilee at "A Place Called Simplicity".

Soon after I was led to a little boy named Daniel. He, and his two future siblings Diamoh and Junior, are waiting in Liberia. For those of you that don't know Liberia is closed to adoptions. With Daniel's special needs there is an attempt to process his adoption even through the closure (as with some other special needs children), but it is not easy. God has been moving though. They are waiting on one signature for things to really be able to fly. What a privilege to see God moving this little one home. Though prayers are still needed, both for Daniel and for Liberia to reopen so Junior and Diamoh can come home...God has showed His very obvious presence as He continues to answer this prayer...this petition (and believe me, we are petitioning). You can read about Daniel at "Smith Soup".

Next, we learned about a family that have been trying to bring their children, Rolando and Julia, home from Guatemala for years...four, seriously. Guatemala is also closed to adoptions, but is VERY slowly processing previous referrals. Every time this family made a step forward, they had two steps back. Guess where they are right now though...Guatemala getting their "Empathy Study"!!! This is a HUGE step and shows that things are FINALLY moving for them again. Again, my bloggy friends...prayers are AMAZING!!!! You can read about Ronaldo and Julie at "A Life Outside the Box".

Last I want to share a little girl with you that needs extra prayers RIGHT NOW...Olivia Mame. She has waited two years for her adoption to be final in Ethiopia. It's been a year since their last court attempt. TOMORROW she has a court date. To come this far is AWESOME! She fell through a loop hole in the laws there and for awhile they didn't even know if another court date would be possible. You can read about Olivia Mame at"Waiting for Olivia". Let's join together in prayer and let her be a Memorial Box to all of us...

God didn't bring these children to my heart to forget about we pray. I've watched God and been amazed as He's moved governments in situations that those devoid of hope could not fathom.

You see, God is good. He places children in their family. He tells us where our children are and we just bring them home. He is faithful. He moves governments. He moves mountains.

God brings me such hope. He imprinted our twins little footprints on our hearts...but He also squarely placed several other children from around the world. They will ALWAYS be special to me.

For my Memorial Box this Monday, I will place several little pictures in it (as each child arrives in their family). I will place Jubilee, Daniel, Junior, Diamoh, Rolando, Julia, and Olivia Mame. They are gifts to me too, gifts of seeing God work and gifts of obedience (families listening to God).

Please friends, let us all lift Olivia Mame up in prayer today and tomorrow. Let's pray that God moves mountains, and especially a little girl into her mother's arms.

"In the council of the holy ones God is greatly feared;
He is more awesome than all who surround Him.
O LORD God Almighty, who is like You?
You are mighty, O LORD, and your faithfulness surrounds You.
You rule over the surging sea;
when its waves mount up, You still them"
Psalms 89:7-9


Please continue, when you have a moment, to pray for our sweet twins. We've seen God move we pray for a quick court date. We kneel in prayer as we pray that we pass the first time and as we pray for our little ones (that they are healthy and loved and in our arms soon). We lastly pray for the funds to continue to come in that we may be free from all debt as we bring them home (God has been SOOO awesome and placed this on our hearts).

Also, please continue to pray for Abby Riggs, a little girl with leukemia. Please pray for complete healing and for peace for the family. Also, for Tatum and Elke...two more little ones affect by this as well.


  1. Amen!!! Our God can certainly move mountains--even those government mountains. I will be praying for the children waiting to come home (including yours) because I firmly believe that had we not had others praying for our adoptive son, he would still be in Guatemala.

    God Bless,

  2. Thank-you. And actually (sadly) our wait will hit FIVE years next month. But this time I'm not dreading the anniversary, because this is going to be the year my kids come home. Blessed year FIVE. :)

  3. Sweet sweet post. I, too, am amazed by the miracle and blessing of adoption. : )

  4. Thanks. I just think it's so important for people to know how emotionally involved this process is!!!

    My nephew is to be born tomorrow. I think I'll bawl my eyes out.


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