Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Joint Council's Announcement on Ethiopia and New Rules-Ethiopia News Part Four

Found this on the Joint Council's Blog...clarifies some things. It does sound as if you haven't passed court before May 9th (even if you have a pending case), you will be required to make the two trips (court and embassy).

Here the link...
"Joint Council's Statement on Ethiopia"

After I initially wrote this post, the information was found on the U.S.Government site. This is where I usually look first and it looks like where the Joint Council got their information.
"Intercountry Adoption Ethiopia-United States Government site"

If you have a moment, please join us in prayer that we are able to pass court before the two trip rule comes into effect. That's only around three weeks from now. We know it's all in God's timing. Whatever His will is, we will rejoice!


  1. Thank you for sharing specifics so we can pray more specifically. And, as always, I appreciate your attitude of CHOOSING to rejoice!

  2. Praying with you that God moves hearts and hands to bring Gabriel and Rachel home in His timing and that it be swiftly, smoothly, joyfully, and with peace and health.


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