Friday, April 23, 2010

In Grace We Stand....

I'm setting down and the house is all quiet. For once I don't have to wonder why it's so quiet with five kids, so no panic here (it's 11:00 at night). I was wondering what quiet sounded this is it, huh? (smile)

Have any of you sat down and felt you were supposed to be writing, but you didn't know what? I don't mean that you wanted to write or felt you had to, but that something was underlying and you needed to write.

Well, that's where I am tonight.

As I've sat here, glorying in the silence, I start thinking about the path I've been on lately. It hasn't really been easy, yet nothing has really been amiss. I know people automatically assume adoption, and's not easy, but there is more that I find dogging me through my journey right now.

I see so many going through life altering ordeals, children on the brink, jobs lost, death, divorce....and I find myself faltering. A heaviness can set in that could weigh any of us down. I don't mean depression really, but a deep sadness that is generated by the mist we have covering our eyes.

As we climb the steps of our life, trying to stagger to the highest peak, we can only see the steps in front of us. The slight mist that covers the ground hinders us from seeing but just a few steps ahead. So when we trip, when we see the scraped shins or those sinking to the ground in pain, we miss looking up and seeing the light shining with warming rays through the clogging mist.

We're looking around us, barely to the next step...our burdens weighing us down. We notice the surroundings, but don't see what can't be visually accessed. We feel the light occasionally, but often we're so caught up, that we don't see it. We see the bleeding knee and may often reach out in an effort to aid them, but miss the fact that their feet are not on the ground...they are being swept away in arms that are way stronger than ours.

What we miss is the glowing warmth of being in the presence of our Father. We miss looking up and noticing that with each step the mist clears. That and the weight of our burden aches, yet it's a burden we should not even be carrying. Someone asked to carry it for us.

In grace we stand, Christ having bridged the chasm...the steps that were rutted and fell away. In grace our burden MUST come off our shoulders, because grace is not something we can earn. In grace we must not hide our face from God out of unworthiness and shame. We cannot undo what God has done for us, would not.

We must honor Him by letting go of our burdens or His death is for naught in our lives. Finally, we must look up and see the mist clearing with each step and realize eventually we will see the source of the light...with each step. Some climb that mountain with us, but each responsible for their own journey.

Honor God, let go of your burden...He waiting to carry it for you. Christ's death wasn't for was for was for me.

"Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face." I Corinthians 13:12a


  1. Very thought-provoking. I had this little dialogue going on in my head with you as I read through it! :)

    Have you read Adopted for Life? Some of what you're saying makes me think of the 'Abba Cry' he references.

  2. Adopted for Life is one of those I have on my "to read" lists :).

    Just kinda at that point this last week and God has REALLY been working on me :).


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