Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ethiopian Adoption News Part III- A Plan....

The conference of attorneys ended this last week. With my computer sick (a nasty virus) I couldn't post until it's virus was not contagious, but cured :).

This is the basic info that has been passed on to me.

Sometime around the second week of May families WILL have to travel to Ethiopia for the court date. The families (or at least one member or escort)
will also have to travel back for the visa appointment. These dates are now averaging 7 to 8 weeks apart. There has been some discussion of an attempt to shorten this time to allow for one trip instead of two.

It is not clear if this means that your case just has to be submitted to court before the mid May deadline OR if you have to pass court by then.

This is to protect the children and insure children are not legally adopted then re-abandoned in Ethiopia by adoptive parents. This HAS happened much more than once and left children in legal limbo. Also, this will enable those who have not had a chance to meet the biological family (or those relinquishing) to do so :).

GOOD NEWS! It was decided that if MOWA does not have the
mandatory letter written in time for your court date, the court date will still happen!!! A determination will be made regardless of no MOWA letter!!!! MOWA will then send the letter post-completion to the courts. The justices have said they will NOT be postponing court dates for this at all! This is such a relief as this is a common reason for court dates to be rescheduled!

Additionally, it may be possible (in rare situations) for only one parent to travel for the court appearance if they have a notarized power-of-attorney from the absent parent.

This is good news for the children of Ethiopia (on one hand), but I understand the cost can be daunting and some families may have chose the Ethiopian program because of the "one trip rule". Financially it can be really rough. I think the only thing we can do is support the Ethiopian governments decision to insure a greater stability and safety in their children and adoptive program. That and pray...always pray.

"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer." Romans 12:12

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