Friday, April 16, 2010

Court Date, Now What?

For those of you who have never read my blog before, we're going to court. We robbed a gummy bear factory (I have no clue why that's my current craving).

Yes, though I'm sure you believed my odd humor above, we really are going to court. Actually our children are. Wow, that sounds even better, doesn't it? :)

We received a court date of April 30th for the Ethiopian adoption of our twins. We actually won't be there...not yet. Though it will be required as of May 9th. We will wait here anxiously, gradually losing our sanity, until someone shoots us the "You've passed!" email. Do we believe we'll pass? Yes, we have to believe and step forward in faith. That's all we can do :).

Side note: What are the issues with court? What are the most common reasons that many don't pass the first time?

*MOWA (Ministry of Women's Affairs) in Ethiopia does not have the needed letter for court. After May 9th (when travel for court/two trips are required) this shouldn't be as much of a problem. It has been stated that court will no longer be postponed for that reason.
*The relinquishing person (that has to be present at the court date) does not have the proper Identification, has not been notified, or just is not there.
*A training day is scheduled last minute.

Two weeks from today, my friends, just two weeks and we will be a legal family of NINE! Insanity ROCKS!!!!

After we pass court we wait. The U.S. Embassy does another (more minor) investigation of our children and their orphan status. I truthfully don't quite get the timing (though glad they do it) since the little ones will be legally ours by Ethiopian law. This process is running about 6-8 weeks (for everything). That would place us traveling around June.

This is where it gets odd (which is basically our norm :)). Ethiopian elections are in May. The election results are announced June 21. There is actually a travel alert in effect for May and June (from the U.S. government). Elections haven't always been peaceful and they are concerned for our safety and wish to protect U.S. citizens from possible terrorism.

This truthfully doesn't worry us. Our agency (Adoption Avenues) told us awhile back that they were not letting their clients travel in May for safety reasons. They were being very proactive. We trust them to make the decision about travel in June. Meanwhile we are praying for a peaceful election process.

We love Ethiopia. It has a VERY special place in our hearts. We want the best for the Ethiopian people and will continue to pray.

We will most likely only have a couple weeks of notice before we travel. Pretty much a guarantee that we will be swinging from trees and screaming like banshees that we will have plenty of time and be packed and ready (oh ya, and raiding the gummy bear factory).

Once we arrive we have several things we'd like to do. How much we will actually do?(shrugging shoulders). We hope to stay at our orphanage guest house or The Ethiopian Guest Home (which we are leaning towards). They both have their pluses which I will probably subject you to in the future.

If the babies seem happy and healthy when we arrive, we will let them have a few days to get used to us....maybe visit for two days, then take custody all day the third day, then take final custody the fourth day. We're really not sure and will play this by ear. We will be their fourth attachment and want to make it as smooth as possible.

Things we hope to do while there....
*Go to Church
*Spend some time with the kids of AHope, and HIV positive orphanage in Addis Ababa.
*Visit Bekah's birth family (WHFC is AWESOME about arranging this).
*Take at least one day trip out into the country. This is where we discovered SO much beauty and understood a lot more of Ethiopian life.
*Visit Bekah's orphanage.

Our embassy date is really what we have to travel for. This is where we get the passports and adoption paperwork to enter the United States. After that we're free to come home :). Last time, though, I told my family that if they had been there with me I would have gladly stayed.

We hope to be there at least a week, though my mommy heart hurts to leave my little ones at home.

Well that's it...that's our journey. Can't wait until I'm home sharing our little ones, trip, and well...just exclaiming my verbosity (I talk a lot) to all of you.

For those of you that asked, this is it! This is our "What's Next?"

Now for our Prayer Requests and Praises...we can't help it, prayer is as natural as breathing.....


Prayer Requests
*That God's Hands are on the babies, keeping them healthy and loved.
*That God is with the biological family, helping them to know Him and have peace that only He gives.
* That we pass court the first time on April 30th.
*That the letter from MOWA (which is often a reason for rescheduling court) is present.
*That everyone that needs to be present is there, with proper ID's (which is often a reason for rescheduling court)
*That our paperwork makes it to the embassy and their investigation is completed quickly AND that we travel quickly.
*That funds pour in like water in a surge of blessing.
*That the Ethiopian elections are peaceful and rioting is a thing of Ethiopia's past, not present.

Prayers for Others...
Prayers for Olivia Mame (Ethiopia) to pass court (after two years in process) this coming week.
Prayers for Rolando and Julia (Guatemala), for their empathy study coming up this coming week and for a quick process to bring them home (it's coming up on FIVE years).
For Daniel (Liberia) and his health. That the last signature to come home is signed and that the country opens up to adoptions so that Junior and Diamoh can come home quickly as well.

Please pray for Abby, a little girl with Leukemia, she is very ill right now. Please pray for healing and peace for her family. Please also pray for Tatum and Elke who are also struggling with Leukemia.

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  1. Praying you pass court the first time!

    Thank you for praying for Abby and for asking others to pray too.


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