Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Chrissie Needs Prayers Now....(Check Back, Will Update)

At 3:30pm central time today Chrissie is coming off life support and her heart and lungs need to sustain her on their own. Please pray....
Here is their blog. They have a section to sign up by email for updates.
"All Are Precious In His Sight"

Please pray for:
Blood to flow the right direction in her heart.
Her lungs to empty of fluid and to work properly.
Her heart to function, completely healed.
All leaks to be healed and blood to only be where it's supposed to be.
CO2 levels to decrease.

It is now 3:48.
It's still not going great, but after every miracle God has given, we know He can heal Chrissie.
It's 4:49.
This just came from her parents.
"We need Chrissie's CO2 levels in the blood to decrease. Pray."
It's 5:21
"OK, here's the big moment: permanent removal of ECMO machine is happening now! We've been kicked out of her room because they've converted it into an operating room again for the second time today. Chrissie's now being operated on to remove the ECMO cannulas that are inserted at her neck that run down into her heart. They're going to open the bottom portion of Chrissie's sternum to suck out extra blood that's in there. Then they'll close everything up, and it's up to God and our warrior princess to show the world what this tag team can do!!! God is MIGHTY to save. He is mighty to save!!!"
It's 6:25.
This from the family...
"The report is that they've got one of the cannulas out and are working on the second one now. (I went on a hunt to find someone who could tell me something!) I don't know anything else because we're in the waiting room so we just keep praying and petitioning for the Lord's favor to be upon Chrissie in every way from her head to her toes and every nook and cranny in between, including her blood and gasses in the blood. God is able. He heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds."
It's 6:44
New Update from Family....
"She's alive thus far!!! Just finished. Definitely need prayers for all to work. CO2 is still higher than should be. (It's double where it should be.) keep praying."
It's 10:33.
Please check out Chrissie's mom's blog. Good update, but still in need of prayer. Her heart is beating on it's own (which is nothing short of miraculous) and her CO2 levels are MUCH better. Many things can still happen and go wrong (as her mom says) prayer need is still desperate.
"All Are Precious In His Sight"


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