Monday, April 19, 2010

Calling All Prayer Warriors...

Yesterday you may have seen my post on Abby Riggs and the Miller family.

Please continue to pray for Abby, though things are looking minutely better, they are still not good. My heart is burdened for this little girl. You can read their blog here...
...Where Laughter Lives-The Riggs family Blog

There is another little girl that had me in tears today. Her name is Chrissie (posted on the Riggs blog as well). She died today...and was revived thanks to our Heavenly Father. Her heart and lungs failed and she is on a bypass right now with and unknown outcome. PLEASE petition God for these two little girls! You can read more about Chrissie here....
All Are Precious In His Sight

Also, please continue to pray for the Miller family as they journey through the last stages of cancer. You can read their blog here....
Job 42:2..."Lord, I know You can do all things"

As we've bowed our head for our upcoming court date and just life in general, the immanence of these requests hits me harder than anything has in a long time (except God's love).

Prayer warriors...we need to be hitting our knees right now.

"But you, dear friends, build yourselves up in your most holy faith and pray in the Holy Spirit. Keep yourselves in God's love as you wait for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ to bring you to eternal life." Jude 1:20-21

"Brothers, pray for us." I Thessalonians 5:25


  1. Praying today for Abby and Chrissie! I've learned through my journey of adopting, that we so desperately need each pray with us, cry with us, and comfort with the Father's love. It's a privilege and honor to bring your family and these little ones before our All-Powerful God!

  2. We're praying, too! I have seen firsthand the power of prayer and we are lifting Abby and Chrissie up to our Father today. (And your sweet Rachel and Gabriel remain on our prayer list as well.)

    Much Love,


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