Monday, April 26, 2010

5 DAYS....

Yep, it's official, it's a countdown. Today it's FIVE days until our April 30th (Friday) court date in Ethiopia for our twins. Like you've forgot! I've let you forget (sigh...can't help it! :)).

Yesterday we dealt with the sanity factor (not happening) and today we've decided that if we just laugh a lot the stress just melts away.

Five Thing We Can Do To Keep Laughing Since There's No Hope For Sanity...
1. Have my husband do the "Cabbage Patch" (seriously entertaining)
2. Watch my daughter hide under the seat while husband does the "Cabbage Patch" (did I mention he will do it in front of our Suburban at the gas station?)
3. Super Glue an Oreo to the floor and watch the fun! (had to throw food in there somewhere!)
4. Send an email to my husband in the biggest purple font I can find that says, "I LOVE YOU YOU MACHO HE STUD MUFFIN!". His co-workers love it. Unfortunately, my husband knows where my facebook page is and gets even by posting things like, "Hottie Hottie Hotness" on it...sigh.
5. My daughter just walked in and said that she's knows what number five needs to be. She said it's REALLY funny to give your kids whatever they want (truly, I'm laughing like crazy now! She's a funny funny girl!)

On a serious note, you guys are all awesome and a comfort to my heart. Knowing others are praying too brings such peace.

See you tomorrow bloggy friends, from the house where laughter (and insanity) never ceases and where, for the next five days, you will find us huddled up in prayer....


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