Monday, March 8, 2010

A Winner, Our Adoption Journey, and One Month Today!

Today it has been one month since we had the first glimpse of our children. Yet, today it seems like we've always known them.

We came upon the realization that our babies (and their biological family) were covered in prayer from the time the twins were still forming in the womb. It's amazing to watch God work in this.

We are in wait for a court date. Though we've all said that we'd be fine just finding out we passed :). We pray for early travel (April). Please know even when that's our prayer, it's not stressing us out (though we LONG to hold our babies). We know that God's timing is the best timing. We see from inside a little window in our house, asking God for what we "think" we need. He sees everything from outside the house and knows what really needs to happen. We pray. We step forward in faith, believing. We know that God is ultimately in control and we have EVERY desire (above all else) for His will.

Though I will place our prayer requests below, I want to share that I will be doing a "Blog Hop" later today. It's about serving and I'll be touching on adoption and serving God. If you're interested check back!

And so you don't think I forgot (picked by our sweet little Ethiopian Princess) the winner of the beautiful necklace (benefiting AHope in Ethiopia) is (though it feels like I should be saying are :))....."Dave and Jody"!!! I will be contacting you sometime today! Gotta tell you, I'm finding it VERY hard not to order one for myself! LOVE the necklace!!!

Check back next month during this time for our next giveaway! We'll be praying we've passed court by then! Maybe we'll be celebrating a travel date!


1. We are praying for the lawyer and his conviction when He sees our children's faces.
2. We are praying for paperwork to be perfect and present.
3. We are praying for those relinquishing...for their spirit, hope, God's peace. We are also praying they are able to be present with the correct identification.
4. We are praying for the judge and that he sees the need to pass us the first time we come to court and the papers are sped to the embassy where we receive a very quick embassy date.
5. We are praying that we are able to travel in April, not for convenience, but to know our children are safe during elections in Ethiopia and to have confidence they are where they are supposed to be...forever (as long as God loans our children to us on this earth).
6. Most importantly we are praying that our twins are warm, comforted, loved, held, that angels are surrounding them, that God's hand is upon them...and the list goes on and on.
7. We are also praying that God blesses us financially and the funds flood in for travel.

Please continue to pray for a few others that, in their situations, governments (and mountains) need to move to bring their children home.
Please pray for Daniel, Junior and Dimoh (Liberia).
Please pray for Olivia Mame (Ethiopia)
Please pray for Rolando and Julia (Guatemala)

Please also pray for healing for three little girls with Leukemia, Abby, Tatum, and Elke.

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