Saturday, March 13, 2010

Where We Are & Prayers.....

This is the third time we've been through the adoption process.

The paperwork is not a lot of fun. There seems to always be one paper that is difficult (though I will say that in this adoption...not so much).

Once your paperwork is in country, the wait for referral seems to just go on and on (though God gave us an amazing peace this, huh?)

Our least favorite part though, is the part where you have seen your little ones and wait for the green light to travel to bring them home. I'll tell you :) this is STILL my least favorite We have seen Gabriel and Rachel and now we wait.

The first step is our court appointment and the wait to pass court. This is what we are waiting on right now. We know God's timing is excellent. We know this sits in His Hands (beyond the courts). Yet we still long to hold our little ones. It's amazing how God expands our hearts and our love does not divide, but multiplies.

That said, I thought I'd post some prayer requests today. Though most are for our family, there are some vitally important ones for others as well.


1. We are praying for the lawyer and his conviction when He sees our children's faces.
2. We are praying for paperwork to be perfect and present.
3. We are praying for a quick court date.
4. We are praying for those relinquishing...for their spirit, hope, God's peace. We are also praying they are able to be present with the correct identification.
5. We are praying for the judge and that he sees the need to pass us the first time we come to court and the papers are sped to the embassy where we receive a very quick embassy date.
6. We are praying that we are able to travel in April, not for convenience, but to know our children are safe during elections in Ethiopia and to have confidence they are where they are supposed to be...forever (as long as God loans our children to us on this earth). We know God's timing is WAY better than ours though.
7. Most importantly we are praying that our twins are warm, comforted, loved, held, that angels are surrounding them, that God's hand is upon them...and the list goes on and on.
8. We are also praying that God blesses us financially and the funds flood in for travel.
9. Lastly, please pray for peace for our hearts as we wait (it's not easy after seeing their faces :)).

Please continue to pray for a few others that, in their situations, governments (and mountains) need to move to bring their children home.
Please pray for Daniel, Junior and Dimoh (Liberia).
Please pray for Olivia Mame (Ethiopia)
Please pray for Rolando and Julia (Guatemala)

Please pray for my sweet friend (God knows her name) whose domestic adoption failed yesterday. Please pray for comfort for the family.

Please pray for "The Covering" in Sierra Leone. Please pray they get the funds, supplies, and sponsorships needed to support these wonderful blessing that are being admitted (see previous post).

Please pray for "Motherly Care" in Kenya as they struggle. Please pray sponsorship is found for this orphanage.

Please also pray for healing for three little girls with Leukemia, Abby, Tatum, and Elke. Abby has has been in this battle and is fighting as we speak. Her courage has been amazing. You can find out about Abby by clicking on the button on the right side of our blog.

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  1. I know what you mean! I have decided I am NOT good at waiting! :) We are praying for you and for your sweet little babes!


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