Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Our Babies-Today's Update

It has been six weeks since we received the referral of our sweet twins. We are so thankful as we watch the Ethiopian government and their concerns for our little ones. We know the time it takes to bring them home is often very necessary to insure the safety of the children. Yet today we miss our babies even more (if possible).

Today we received an update and we almost didn't recognize our children. Our sweet Gabriel and Rachel (their American names to protect their identities) look like they've both lost a little weight. I kept on asking my husband, "Are you sure this Gabriel? Are you sure that this is Rachel?" since they looked so very different. You could tell though.

Of course, my mommy arms want to wrap around my sweet babies. My mind respects the Ethiopian government and the necessary steps to to secure the proper and safe manner of creating legal families from across oceans. My heart yearns for my little ones.

Could you pray with me today? Could you pray for the health of our twins? That they are protected, healthy, and loved. Could you pray that we get a court date quickly, pass the first time, and travel even quicker?

God is good and very much in control. My humanness is showing today though.

Thank you for bringing my heart comfort, as I know I can come to my brothers and sisters and ask for prayers.


  1. I am sooo praying and I do so understand about watching your baby loose weight a world away :( and boy do I know the ACHE to hold and just be there! Governments, money, regulations, all stand in the way of us and our babies, but the time is coming friend! PRAYING HARD

  2. You are in my thoughts and prayers even as i type this. How wonderful knowing that they have a Father over there, loving on them and protecting them until you and your husband can get there!! We're praying with you.


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