Monday, March 29, 2010

Memorial Box Monday-God's Placement

I've been trying to figure out how to write this post. A lot of this post is about timing, God's timing. If you would like to find out what "Memorial Box Monday" is, just look for the button on the right side of our blog!

When we were newlyweds my husband enlisted in the Army. This was our plan. This is just something my husband always wanted to do...serve his country. We were young, only 22 years old (at least that seems young to me now). Three weeks after we married I became pregnant...yep, we had an awesome honeymoon ;).

This was during the time of major upheaval in Bosnia and my husband was quickly stationed in a beautiful base overseas. I was VERY pregnant, so pregnant that when the orders came down I was too far along to fly until after the baby was born. My husband AND I had to make a major decision. He had to decide to defer going over to this choice assignment (and risk his orders changing and going where I could not accompany him for an entire a year) or he would miss the birth of his first child. We made a very tough decision ....that it was more important for him to be there for the first year of life then for the first 5 weeks. We found though, that it was a rough decision, but very God led.

My husband arrived at our first duty station at a point where many of the highly trained individuals and civilians were close to returning back to the states. He came in at the perfect time to be trained and replace these individuals. Because of God's timing we were the ONLY ONES we knew who weren't deployed while there. My husband would have gladly been deployed for his country, but God had other plans for us. Yet, even when we arrived back in the states, we arrived back to a place and time where he wouldn't be deployed AGAIN.

Maybe God knew my sanity may not have lasted :). Maybe He knew that losing five family members in five years (Uncle, Dad, Sister, Grandfather, Grandmother) left me in a place that I desperately needed my husband.

It didn't end there though. When we chose to leave the military, my husband left at a time where the job market was high. He was offered every job he applied for. We still can't believe it. We then were offered a job (close to his family) that offered a large adoption benefit. This was unheard of the year we got out.

He placed us in a cocoon of protection when we needed it. Things were not always easy, we had some very tough times.... but looking back...God has moved us, placed us when and where He wanted us.

We don't know what the future holds. We wonder where we will be placed in the future. Yet God has shown us over and over again that His will is best and even when we're not looking out.... He has a plan in mind.

I have to remind myself of this daily as we wait for the twins court date in Ethiopia. God will place them, and us together at a perfect time.

May God place all of us where and when we will glorify Him the most.

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11


1. We are praying for a quick court date.
2. We are praying for paperwork to be perfect and present.
3. We are praying for those relinquishing...for their spirit, hope, God's peace. We are also praying they are able to be present with the correct identification.
4. We are praying for the judge and that he sees the need to pass us the first time we come to court and the papers are sped to the embassy where we receive a very quick embassy date.
5. We are praying that we are able to travel in April...or at least very quickly, not for convenience, but to know our children are safe during elections in Ethiopia and to have confidence they are where they are supposed to be...forever (as long as God loans our children to us on this earth). We know God's timing is WAY better than ours though.
6. Most importantly we are praying that our twins are warm, comforted, loved, held, that angels are surrounding them, that God's hand is upon them...and the list goes on and on. It looks as if they lost weight as of the new pictures we've received.
7. Lastly, please pray for peace for our hearts as we wait (it's not easy after seeing their faces :)).

Please continue to pray for a few others that, in their situations, governments (and mountains) need to move to bring their children home.
Please pray for Daniel, Junior and Diamoh (Liberia).
Please pray for Olivia Mame (Ethiopia)
Please pray for Rolando and Julia (Guatemala)

Please pray for my sweet friend (S's family) whose domestic adoption failed recently. Please pray for comfort for the family and wisdom and peace in their next steps. There is still a chance that the birth mother (who is struggling with her decision) may still place the infant with them. Please pray for God's will above all else.

Also, please pray for the C family whose international adoption failed recently. Please pray for peace and wisdom as they decide how to proceed.

Please also pray for the "A" family who suffered a miscarriage this week. Please pray for peace as they struggle with the pain that comes from losing a child.

Please pray for "The Covering" in Sierra Leone. Please pray they get the funds, supplies, and sponsorships needed to support these wonderful blessings.

Please pray for "Motherly Care" in Kenya as they struggle. Please pray sponsorship is found for this orphanage.

Please also pray for the Canadian and American Families that are waiting in Uganda (many for months and months). They are waiting for their countries decisions and investigations so that visas may be issues to bring their new children home.

Please also pray for healing for three little girls with Leukemia, Abby, Tatum, and Elke. Abby has has been in this battle and is fighting as we speak. Her courage has been amazing. You can find out about Abby by clicking on the button on the right side of our blog

The Wright family has a new member after a long and hard road to adoption!
Jubilee is home!!!
God has been financially supplying our needs to bring home Gabriel and Rachel!


  1. Thank you for sharing that :) Hugs and prayers going up for you and all on your list :)


  2. Needed to hear this today! We're waiting for a court date to adopt our daughter in enjoy your blog!:)

  3. Kat,
    What a sweet reminder that it is God who moves us, even when we think it is OUR idea....He is always watching out for each of our needs....

    And Iam praying that your twins are held safe in His loving grasp until they are in your arms...xo

  4. What a beautiful reminder!! Thank you for this post.

  5. Kat,

    I love your Memorial Box post (sorry it took me till Tuesday to read it)! I just love how God provided the perfect job (right down to the adoption benefits) in the midst of seeking His plan for your lives.

    Jeremiah 29:11 is also one of my favorite verses. I'm claiming that for your twins and praying you'll travel to get them soon.

    God Bless,

  6. Kat,

    Followed your comment over, and just finished reading you MBM post--and just as my MBM post encouraged you, yours has now done the same for me!

    My husband has been in the military (Air Force) for nearly 27 years now. We have been married for 26 of those years, come May. As you can guess we have moved many a time. Many. Over the years we have learned that no matter what (and where) Uncle Sam says we will live, it is God who puts us where HE wants us!

    We have a little over three years to go until retirement. You would think that since I just said what I said about moving--that retirement "what and where" would not cause me to worry. Um, not so much.

    Thank you so much for your "God's Placement" post. It was exactly the reminder I needed tonight!

    Don't you love that He used our MBM posts this week, to minister one to the other! How cool is that? He's a big God!

    Praying your Ethiopia babies are soon in your arms!

    Many blessings ~



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