Thursday, March 11, 2010

Are We All Meant to Adopt?

Some may take our passion and ask, "Are you saying that we are all meant to adopt?"

That's a hard one to answer. What I can say is this, adoption may not be God's purpose for everyone, but for a lot more people than are open to it.

I think often ALL OF US (fingers pointed toward me as well) need to be seeking God when we see the importance God places on the orphans and on other ministries. I think we all tend to throw out the phrase, "God hasn't led me in that direction..." too readily.

It concerns me that often our hearts aren't open to leading. I wonder how many opportunities we missed, because we were not to the place where we could truly give it to God. How many blessings did we miss seeing?

Some people may not be led by God to adopt, absolutely. Yet we all want to make sure we use that phrase prayerfully.

I also hear the phrase, "We help the in other ways" said a lot. Again, this is so vitally important. The funds (and prayer cover) need to be there for all ministries. The financial and spiritual contributions to missionaries and orphans ARE vital. I do NOT want to diminish that.

I just want us all to take it a step farther and pray about it...with hearts open to God's will. This may not be the purpose God has in store, but isn't it better to be open to God than limit what He may have in store for all of us.

I think of Abraham and his willingness to sacrifice his son. There are so many aspects of this story, but one thing that really hits me is that it wasn't that God wanted him to sacrifice Isaac, but that Abraham was WILLING and OBEYING.

Our Heavenly Father cannot be thwarted. His purpose cannot be undone. Yet He does give us freedom of choice to do His will or not. Often, I think, God is just asking for willingness on a certain paths. Yet we don't always know until we ask.

Don't judge those who do not adopt. It may not be God's purpose for them.

Yet, I do have a concern that we often step off of God's chosen path for us, solely out of our lack of willingness. I do have a concern that we are so set in our ways that our comfort zone is more important than openness to God. And finally, I do have a concern that God's will must trump everything else, yet doesn't in our lives.

So what do we answer when people ask us the question, "Is everyone meant to adopt?"

Adoption may not be God's purpose for everyone, but willingness to answer Him beyond our comfort zone is.

Now if I could only get that to stick in my head and do completely away with my comfort zone....

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