Friday, March 12, 2010

Praying for My Friends...

I hate to see my friends hurt. Whether friends I see everyday, friends that are my email buddies, or fellow blogger friends...I hurt for them...I ache for them.

Today, a friend's domestic adoption fell through. I can't imagine the pain of loss that great. Many understand the loss in miscarriage. They understand the pain of losing a baby that lay in your womb. This child was a child of their heart. A footprint lay embedded. I ache so badly for them. I hurt for them and wish I could take away their pain. I know that God will bring the child into their family that is perfectly meant for them, but that doesn't help in the midst of this. My heart hurts.

Then there's Abby Riggs. She's so young to be fighting this battle with Leukemia. It seems like the battle rages daily. This entire family too...they are all gifts from God.

I hate to see families hurt. I hate to see the pain others are going through. Yet I know my God...our God, is sovereign. He's sees a picture we cannot. In this temporary life we can cling to Him.

To my sweet friends...know I am praying for you tonight.

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  1. Kat, thank you so much for your prayers! God has been bringing us comfort and healing today, and we are feeling the prayers of our friends. {hug} I would say you don't know what your support and friendship mean to me, but I have a feeling you actually might know! :) God is in control, that's what we're trusting in.


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