Monday, March 15, 2010

Ethiopian Adoption News Part III

Many are still talking about the two trips that may be required to adopt in Ethiopia. We know many agencies are responding and sharing this with their clients. Here is some info you might be interested in.

* It was one judge in the Federal Court that suggested this change and posted the notice on Thursday/Friday of last week.

* A group of adoption attorneys, "The International Adoption Network", got together to contested the change.

* Through April 8th (at least) the proposal is suspended.

*The attorneys are now working to reverse it permanently.

If you've read my previous posts "Ethiopian Adoption News" and "Ethiopian Adoption News Part II" you know that there could be some very positive effects from instituting this change, but I do have some concerns.

I don't know what's going to happen, none of us do. I think the hardest part is not knowing what to plan for. You know what though? God Hand is there, with the judges, with the lawyers, with our children, and with us as we wait. He has planned children for families and is much bigger than any law change or government.

Let's continue to stay in prayer. Praying for the wisdom of the Ethiopian government. Not praying that they do what we want, but that they will do whatever is best for the children.

Let's pray for the lawyers to also keep in mind and see what's best for our Ethiopian blessings.

Lastly, let's pray for each other, because we are all in this together.

May God bless your night.

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