Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ethiopian Adoption News Part II

Are two trips required to bring your adopted child home from Ethiopia?

Though it seems as many agencies are stepping ahead and announcing a change, as with anything, all the facts did not seem present. Do I know what this will mean for the future? No. Could this come into play at some point? Possibly. The logistics for a change this big (two trips to bring home an adopted child) are a lot more complicated than originally perceived. Here is some information you might like to know.

To make a program change this big a few things would need to occur or are occurring.

*All seven federal courts would have to agree to implement this change.

*Lawyers already have contacted the higher Court and they are disputing this change as not legal.

*This change was posted on the Federal Court door yesterday. It has already been removed.

It sounds as if the process has not legally changed and that if it does, it will be in the future and not currently.

We do not claim to know it all or be able to see the future. This is just the information that has been shared thus far.

Also, many rumors abound as fact in any adoption process. It really does seem this started from a logical place, but abounded in rumor. Though it seems as many agencies are jumping on board, we need to remember that any new changes will be added to the US State Department website.

I eagerly await for more news and either this to be cleared up or for this to become law in a greater legal fashion.

To read more about this announcement please read "Ethiopian Adoption News"

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  1. We'll continue praying for you and your babies--it sure can be confusing sometimes, can't it?!


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