Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Adoption: What if Your Not that Sane in the First Place?

Our adoption social worker (Erica) once told us, "The adoption process can make the most sane person insane." I really wish I'd asked, "What if you're not the most sane person in the first place?"

A couple of adoption truths....
1. You will kill so many trees with all the paperwork that you will create your own personal hole in the ozone.
2. You learn the children's names, favorite color, and dog's dietary needs of your local postman as you wait for him to bring your immigration approval.
3. Your email box is sick of you and is filing for a divorce because you won't leave it alone.
And last but not least....
4. You wish you had a congressional vote for every time you heard, "It should be anytime." so you could create a "National Valium Day".

So next time you meet someone waiting in the adoption process, give them a hug, tell them "it should be anytime", hand them a Valium,....and run. :)


  1. oh so so so true. How many commenters on my blog left the comment "it will be soon" "it should be anytime!" How many times did our agency rep say "any day now!" KILLED me. I never want to hear those words again. ;)

  2. chuckle--a little adoption humor, hmmm? :)


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