Monday, February 22, 2010


We all know, as the snow accumulates on the ground around our houses, what the snow means. The struggle between child and parent....the struggle for WORLD DOMINATION.

As the power went out in our house it was no different. We wondered if it might have been part of the plot on behalf of our children to weaken us. As the adults huddled under the comforters (the children had enlisted the animals to distract us)....

The children plotted and laughed (really, it is a evil laugh, they just have you fooled)....

They started by indoctrinating one of the youngest children on the deadly art of the snowball. She uses her big brown eyes and their hypnotic powers.

They tried to fool us into helping them build their own snow army.

Yet we were not fooled by their cuteness!

They doggedly exercised, preparing for war...

As the snowballs mounted, you could feel the tension in the air. You couldn't be fooled by how innocent they least we couldn't.

We had to prepare or face the consequences. The snowballs got bigger and bigger. It was WAR!!!!

I'm sorry to say that the fighting got dirty...our three year old was used as a human shield.

But just when we thought all was lost my husband went "Super Ninja"(I am so proud).

The war was won and the struggle for WORLD DOMINATION was thwarted (yep, we're evil dictators).

The joys of parenting never cease to amaze me...


Yes, I am a complete nut...I had no choice, it runs in the family. Yet, we are in a very real and prayerful time in our lives, in the process of bringing home our twins (Gabriel and Rachel) from Ethiopia. If you have a moment...we have a few prayer requests. I'll give you a break today and share our abbreviated version :).

1. That we pass court in the next few weeks and travel before May. This would be a miracle. Most do not go to court this quickly. We know God is a God of miracles though and if it is His will, we will pass quickly. If it is not, then there is a wonderful reason why not. May (when we probably would have traveled) is closed to travel because of the Ethiopian elections and the possible unrest that may follow. Please consider petitioning God with us for this blessing.
2. Please pray that the funds for travel come in as we prepare. God has AMAZED us yet again during this adoption and we do know that He will provide.
3. Please pray for the health and safety of our babies....that they have peace as we wait to hold them. Please also pray that God comforts them in their loss in a way that we can't.

Daniel and siblings (Liberia), Olivia Mame (Ethiopia), and Rolando and Julia (Guatemala)....these countries LITERALLY have to move for these children to come home. Please join us in prayer for these little ones to come home to their forever families.

Please pray for healing for Abby, Tatum, and Elke who are little girls with Leukemia.

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  1. ha, ha, ha, how fun! What a memory to treasure!

  2. Hi!

    I'm just popping by on the Blog Hop, and I thoroughly enjoyed your post! :) What an entertaining story and what beautiful photographs of your lovely family!

    Thank you so much for sharing!


  3. great pics! sorry the power went out, we were lucky and got to keep the hot chocolate, movies, and microwave popcorn flowing the whole time!

  4. What great pics! I'm hopping over for the Blog Hop. We also had a ton of snow, and due for more this week. Just posted all of mine, fun!


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