Friday, February 26, 2010

Weighted for Gabriel and Rachel, Imminent Prayer, and Our Heavenly Father's Love

Today I woke up and just felt groggy. I had a serious case of the brain fuzz. The odd thing was that I also had a case of "Heavy Heart". I feel thoughtful and weighted today. Whenever I woke last night, I prayed for the twins. I prayed for their peace and comfort, and I prayed diligently for every aspect of what has to happen next in their little lives to bring them home. Yes, it is an issue of desiring them in my arms, but also of God putting such a desire into our hearts (both my husband and mine) for the best possible world for these little ones and for the most glorifying situation. The following requests have come to the forefront as the most imminent.

We are praying for the lawyer and his conviction when He sees our children's faces.

We are praying for paperwork to be perfect and present.

We are praying for those relinquishing...for their spirit, hope, God's peace. We are also praying they are able to be present with the correct identification.

We are praying for the judge and that he sees the need to pass us the first time we come to court.

We are praying that we are able to travel in April, not for convenience, but to know our children are safe during elections in Ethiopia and to have confidence they are where they are supposed to be...forever (as long as God loans our children to us on this earth).

It was hard, very truthfully, to pray this without encompassing every orphan out there waiting for court...they are all so important to God and to us. Yet, we know the difference of what God gave to us...HIS Son. He did instill in us a love for our children that is different. There is something tangibly a physical part of you (like your heart pumping) when it comes to your own children. We do pray for others waiting, how could we not? Our hearts break for the orphans all over the world. Yet, we feel this imminence when it comes to Rachel and Gabriel...peace, but imminence in our prayers.

I pray for them constantly, that they are warm, comforted, loved, held, that angels are surrounding them, that God's hand is upon them...and the list goes on and on.

Yet the above prayers are imminent. What I've just shared is a very basic list that comes from a very specific and detailed we live in petition about. God is in the details of my life, of our lives. We don't demand our way, but place our hearts before Him. We pray we are pleasing to Him.

We are living in petition...heart filled...heart weighted.

Today I praise my Heavenly Father for what He's doing that we cannot even see. He sees it all and moves His most gracious hand over each life He's created.

Romans 8:28
"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose"
Luke 1:37
"For nothing is impossible with God" (which happened to be my kids memory work this week. :))

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