Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Large Family Tip #2

Some families I know would consider our family down right small. With five children our house DOES still feel a little empty, but our twins arriving home will start filling the emptiness.

Oh, stop thinking we're crazy! We know we are and there's no "think" about it!

As we travel through this insane, getting in mommy's makeup, head stuck in the rocking chair, "Mom, he won't give it back!" world, we thought we'd share a few things that have made our lives just a little bit easier.

Large families ROCK, but sometimes the logistics can be daunting...

Large Family Tip #2

I can't claim total responsibility for this tip :). I read the general idea in "A Mom Just Like You". She's a home school mom of 10! I knew she'd have some wisdom! :)

What is the biggest challenge in keeping the house clean? Clutter (and nasty dishes that start calling you "mamma" from the sink)...

Each of our oldest four (seven and up) have a area that is their responsibility to declutter. This is NOT vacuuming and dusting and much of the intricate work, but decluttering. Several times a day I'll say "Time to clean up your area!" and they know to declutter their space and pick up their room. It really is VERY quick! I hate to say it but we are NOT exactly a super neat family either. It's just about doing "areas" a few random times a day (though most of the time we do it before we start school in the morning and just before devotional at night).

The thing the kids TOTALLY like about this is that they get to also be the "Police" of their area. If someone leaves something out they (kindly) tell them it needs to be put away. If they are too lax in this though (they aren't cleaning their area and something has been setting there too long) they have to go ahead and pick it up themselves.

This makes it a lot easier to keep sane. As a mom or dad of a large family, there is ALWAYS stuff that needs to be done. It's an endless cycle. This tip enables you to be able to get to vacuuming, dusting, and a lot of things you may not (yet) divide up.

Yes, our kids do have other responsibilities too, but that's for another blog :).

Even our 3 (almost four year old) has a tiny area (her play kitchen) that she has to clean up. She also helps (not sure it really makes it easier on the other girls :)) in cleaning up the room she shares with her sisters. It's just really important for the kids to learn to pitch in at a young age.

Our kids constantly ask for more siblings, seriously. Something is working, but I don't take the credit...it's all God!!!

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  1. Mine ask for more too, they have even put in their ideal sex and age ranges! Just waiting on God's time!


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