Thursday, February 4, 2010

Large Family Tip #1

Some families I know would consider our family down right small. With five children our house DOES still feel a little empty, but our twins arriving home will start filling the emptiness.

Oh, stop thinking we're crazy! We know we are and there's no "think" about it!

As we travel through this insane, lost my shoe(x3), cat threw up in my bed, "Mom, he's writing on the fridge with a permanent marker!", world we thought we'd share a few things that have made our lives just a little bit easier.

Large families ROCK, but sometimes the logistics can be daunting...

Large Family Tip #1

Get every child a mesh bag that you can put in the wash (often called a lingerie bag). We bought them at Wal-Mart for only about $1.50 a piece.

Put each child's name on it and have them put it under their bed (or some out of the way place).

When they take off a pair of dirty socks it DOES NOT go in the hamper, but in their bag.

When the bags are full you throw them (bags and all) in the wash. They are now already separated! You would NOT believe how much time it saves.

The kids (or mom or dad) fold the socks, the kids put them in the drawer, and the bag goes back under the bed to be filled.

Even my three year old likes to do this! No more digging for a matching pair!

Can you tell I DO NOT like folding socks (or at least matching them)

Our kids constantly ask for more siblings, seriously. Something is working, but I don't take the's all God!!!


  1. Great idea! I can't wait to try it, I feel like I spend way to much time look for/washing/sorting/matching little bitty socks. Bring on the large family tips!

  2. what a great idea... even if you dont have a large family (yet).... and I think we have the same couch... funny!

  3. Oh oh oh, I love this tip! Socks and underwear. AWESOME Idea....

    And thank you for the prayers for Mame!

  4. Wow, such a great tip! And I agree big families sound awesome! I would have loved to have more...but future grandbabies are exciting to think about now. :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    (If you get a chance to read my post "Long ago prayers and Birthday wishes..." even as a kid, I wanted to be part of a big family :o) For 11 years, I was like an only child...)

  5. Oh, what a fantastic idea! I too hate folding/sorting socks. I tend to fold about four loads of laundry (except for the socks) then leave a big pile on my bed and tell the kids to 'finish the laundry'! LOL


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