Monday, February 22, 2010

One Liberian Child Dies, Another in Critical Condition

I have tears in my eyes that something like this could happen. Could a Christian family, a home school family, an adoptive family, ANY family beat their children with a PVC pipe until one of their adopted Liberian angels (at age seven) dies (leaving another in critical condition)?

I sit here in shock, questions running through my mind.....

You can read the articles that have left me devastated here and here.

Could anyone rationalize these beatings as "spare the rod, spoil the child"? Did they really think that this showing the love of God? Were they raised in this skewed view as children? This devastation goes against The Scripture's view of the treasure that children are, but are these kind of beatings what they were taught?

How could a family that feels the necessity to home school and "train up their child" PLAN to beat their child with a PVC pipe? (my heart aches) Not just an outburst of anger, which would still not be an excuse, but PLAN it? Is this what was done to them?

How could you work so hard to bring an amazing blessing from God from across the world only to beat a child so severely?

I am stunned.....

The ripple effects of any situation so heinous can be felt by many. How will Liberia react, so close (we hope) to opening up to adoptions from the U.S. again? Will they see that America is in shock too?! This family's decision not only altered and fractured the lives of their bio children and adopted children, but their actions could effect thousands of children in Liberia and possibly other countries as well.

And the ripples go on and on....
The possibility of thousands of children staying in orphanages, waiting for their forever families...
The taint on home school families....
Those that will be so much harder to reach for Christ because of an act that goes against the very nature of Christ...

The list just goes on...

Mostly I think about the children that lived in this home. The children that watched their sibling die at the hands of their parent. The children that survived this tragedy. Their lives will be forever marked with this event. I pray for those little hearts and minds. I pray that someone will teach them the true love of God, patient, kind...and so much more. I pray for their healing and that they understand that this act is not the way to raise a child. I pray for the eleven year old that has suffered so much and lived. That this child may have the comfort and peace of God.

All this child must have struggled with transitioning from another culture. Having to learn the language and customs could not have been easy. Being away from all familiar smells and most importantly having lost their biological family already, must have brought such mourning. Yet, they still had to face more....

I will admit, I do think of some bloggy friends. They remain on our hearts as well. They are awaiting their son Daniel's last few pieces of paperwork to be signed so that they can bring him home from Liberia. You see, he has hydrocephaly and needs to be home NOW to get the medical attention that can more easily be provided here. They are receiving special permission because of his condition. This family also has two other children,Junior and Diamoh, that will wait in Liberia (until the country reopens) until they can come home to their family.

We need to drop to our knees and pray...pray hard. Pray for the children in this family and EVERYONE involved in this situation. Yes, that means (even though it may be difficult) we need to pray for the perpetrators...that they may realize what they've done and come to know the TRUE Christ, instead of the warped misrepresentation that they had bought into. Pray that the Liberian government (and all foreign governments) see the rarity of this case and see how these atrocities happen all over the world (heartbreakingly) and not just here. Also, for our bloggy friends, as they continue the process of bringing home their little ones. We need to remain in prayer for the orphans all over the United States and across the oceans.

I have tears in my eyes as I think of our babies in Ethiopia. We long to cherish them, hold them, love them, and marinate them in the love of God......please pray.


  1. :( I don't like this post! :(

  2. I know, I don't just breaks my heart and I KNOW I can't do justice to what needs to be said or heart just breaks.


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