Wednesday, February 3, 2010

One Month Can Change Lives....

The gifts of God are extravagant...children, houses, food...these basic necessities we sink into every day. We swing by a fast food restaurants where they know us by name (Ya, I know, embarrassing). Our children need a new pair of shoes so we go to Target or Payless. Life goes on...oh, we have to tweak bills like everyone else, but we're able to...which is unbelievably cool.

Yet somewhere across the world a nine year old sits, just like my little sweet Anna. She reaches over and flicks a bug off of her little four year old brother, as he's curled up on a dirty mat. She's afraid to go out. She knows what some of the men might do...things a nine year old shouldn't understand. Yet she's hungry, more importantly her little brother is hungry. She lives so rurally that the "food programs" are a distant rumor. Her parents? Her father and mother died within months of each other. She held her mother when she couldn't raise her head and dragged her body with her bare nine year old arms. She is a parent now, at nine years old she must provide for her brother.

Fly across the world to a corroded inn. Men with guns outside, big angry men. Inside a five year old boy waits, knows what expected of him, and wonders when he will be sold to the next "customer". He feels so small and these men so big. He wonders if this is just how life is supposed to be.

Her mother and father were killed in front of her. Her father was sliced open and her mother...her mother....(tears fill her eyes). She told her to run and she ran...she abandoned her own parents and will always wonder what would have happened if she fought harder.

These children may be fictional, but these events happen every day. These events are not an exaggeration. There are children who are completely alone in this world and living on the streets. There are little ones, the age of the children in your lives, that have buried their own parents. Children of war often see horrendous acts. Children being used in twisted sexual solicitation is not uncommon in this world.

There are two things that most of these children have in common. First, many of these children are orphans, and second and most importantly, these children are gifts of our Heavenly Father.

These situations seem so distant though, don't they? They seem so far away. A world away from trying to figure out how to make a car payment. A world away from a soccer game being rained out. A world away....

Now picture stumbling over little cold bodies curled up on your doorstep. You would wrap them up and do whatever it takes to make sure that they are taken care of, that they are not alone. It's easy to picture how quick our reaction would be if the children were in front of us. If a child has no one, of course you're not going to put them out on the streets (that's unfathomable).

Yet, across the world our choices are doing just that. Our statements of
"I can't"
"I won't"
"I couldn't do that."
"That's crazy, I have three kids already."
"I have to save for the kids college and can't do it right now"
"It would be too hard on my other kids."
"The timing just isn't right, maybe someday."
"I'm too old."
"That's your thing, not mine."
"I'm saving for our vacation this summer and it's just not a good time."

These choices are leaving children huddling on doorsteps, in streets, in horrid situations. Each time we ignore the need out there, we are shutting a door.

It sounds hard and cruel to say that, but the fact is that there are more children out there than families that want them. There are children in orphanages tonight that have seen their friends leave...yet they wait. Picture, please, your children with no one. Stop reading for just a moment, close your eyes, and picture your child alone on the streets...this thought makes me physically ill and breaks my heart.

Every time that we say "no" a child is left alone with no family, no one to be "special" to, often no hope for the future beyond the streets.

Yes, we are all called to different forms of ministry. Yet many refuse to ask, it's scary, but many refuse to totally surrender in this one aspect of their lives. We all do it. We all have areas we struggle to surrender and we hold back.

What would happen if every Christian on the face of this earth would pray, for just one month, and say..."Lord, what would you have me do? Is Adoption something that you want from me?"

Flat out...what would happen? The words aren't hard to say, but are you ready for the answer God might give?

Yes, we all may be called to different forms of ministry, but how do you know God doesn't have this blessing for you...unless you ask.

The average adult in the U.S lives 936 months, consider giving at least one to this prayer.

Remember, the gifts of God are extravagant...and this is one you don't want to miss.


  1. Beautiful, Kat. Thank YOU. :-) Sweet blessings, Amy

  2. Beautifully said. We love you and your family. You are a shining example of what Christians are to be. Thank you.

  3. Thank you! I so often ask myself those same questions as we are beginning the adoption process, and I need to remember that our future child is worth more than the questions plaguing my doubts


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