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Book Reviews...Inspired By "Regan Ramblings"

I don't always get many chances to read. I have seven (including twins in Ethiopia) children and I home school. Okay, I guess I get to read a lot, though it's mostly a little bit younger than my age bracket :).

I had a few moments yesterday and was casually reading through some blogs that I follow. I stumbled upon one that I love, because I love the heart of this family. She was reviewing some books that, not only are they currently reading, but that they love. I actually was SO impressed with the books she recommended that I've saved...ummm...four of them (seriously) to my shopping cart on to buy later. It may be months from now that we can afford one of them, but this way I won't forget! Regan Ramblings reviewed some awesome looking books, one by an author I LOVE! Check it out's worth it!

We have many favorite books around here. I will tell you, as I've grown, that my favorites are ones that have helped us grow in some ways. Sometimes they've helped us grow closer to God and His will for our lives. Sometimes they've given us great ideas or helped us feel not so alone in parenting. Sometimes they've just opened our eyes to the world around us. All God has used to "grow" us. Here's our top ten.

God and the Bible is so far above even number one!

THERE'S NO ME WITHOUT YOU by Melissa Faye Green
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This is a story of Haregewoin Teferra who opened her home (after her own tragedy) to orphans in Ethiopia, during a time where one of the worst epidemics in human history was hitting Ethiopia...AIDS. Melissa Faye Green is a wonderful author who captured the true reality of Haregewoin's life. It's not all roses, but it grew our hearts and opened our eyes to the world around us. We were blessed to be able to meet Haregewoin Teferra when we traveled to Ethiopia (to bring Bekah into our arms), so this book means even more to me.

THE HOLE IN OUR GOSPEL: What does God expect of Us? The Answer that Changed my Life and Might Just Change the World by Richard Stearns
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I will tell you right off. The name really put me off the first time I read it. Though I still don't love the name, the book was recommended to us by a elder in a Church we are visiting and opened our eyes so much. The book is NOT about a HOLE IN OUR GOSPEL, but a hole we make in the gospel....a subject that often we don't look at. It's written by the President of World Vision. His story alone will make you laugh, cringe, and bring tears to your eyes. He paints himself as entirely human and NOT wanting to follow God's call to become the president of World Vision. He then shares the abject poverty that so many live in, the hopelessness, and the statistics (though he himself says that he doesn't completely love statistics). Your eyes WILL be opened. There are times while reading this book that I had to put it down and process, take a deep breath, and pray before picking it up again. Wow...just wow....

Find "Parenting the Hurt Child here...

Find "Adopting the Hurt Child here...

Since God has blessed us and given us the ministry of Adoption Support(as well as being adoptive parents), we have found these books invaluable. I really believe that, sometimes, it's not just about knowing what to do (though these books DO that)but feeling like you are not so alone. These are easy to read and REALLY interesting. The authors share stories of children they've worked with that tug at your heart strings.

BLINK OF AN EYE by Ted Dekker
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This is the first of the only fiction books on my list as a favorite. This book is fast paced, has action, pain, will make you cringe, and most importantly a journey to know God. It really made me think about our choices and how much freedom God has given choose Him and to choose the wrong way. Through the authors research (though fiction) it does give you a taste of reality in other parts of the world. It did help me to see things in another way and "see" just a little bit better.

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This father is a adoptive dad of ten. I think this makes him more qualified than any "Doctor" in his title (smile). He teaches common sense with A LOT of humor. You WILL laugh. It's easy to read and will help all parents of teens feel not so alone. It also lets you know that being human IS okay and VERY normal :).

A MOM JUST LIKE YOU by Vickie Farris and Jayme Farris Metzgar
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We are VERY new to home schooling. Even with some use of a Teaching Co-op, it has been a BIG transition. Though this is our second year home school our youngest three, this is our first year with all five. I initially bought this book to get some home schooling ideas, yet it turned into a lot more. The author is a home schooling mom of ten. She writes realistically (that it's not all just peaches and cream). This book though, opened my eyes to some subject matter I didn't expect. It's really thinking outside the box. We don't believe EXACTLY like she does, but she doesn't expect you to. It's pretty cool and without giving everything away, I really recommend it!

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This is a book written by C.S. Lewis and I feel COMPLETELY comfortable recommending his work. He is an amazing author. This book is fiction, written from the perspective of an upper level demon to a lower level one. C.S Lewis does a really good job of making us all more aware of how Satan doesn't always work so obviously. This book is great for adults, but we are also having our oldest teen read it this year as well.

THE ISHBANE CONSPIRACY by Randy Alcorn, Angela Alcorn, and Karina Alcorn
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This a book of fiction that I did enjoy reading, but dealt with subjects that I think are really beneficial to teens. It revolves around the relationship between a teen girl and boy and all the temptations surrounding them. There are letters from a upper level demon and a lower level demon, as well, talking about specific temptations for teens and adults alike. In this book they talk about the destructive nature of sex outside of the parameters (marriage) that God set. They also deal with the occult (not in high detail), peer pressure, and giving EVERYTHING to set the example for God. We would recommend it for around 16 years old and up.

SHAOEY AND DOT: BUG MEETS BUNDLE by Mary Beth Chapman and Steven Curtis Chapman
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Our son Max (adopted from Russia) LOVED this book and still likes it. It's specifically about adoption, but would be wonderful for other children as well. It's beautifully illustrated and very colorful. As an adoptive parent who brought home young children, this book was a blessing!


There are a TON of other great books out there! I would LOVE for you to share with us your favorites!

If you want to see more fantastic adoption related books, just click on one of the following links.
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What am I currently reading? I'm reading (don't laugh) "Every Young Man's Battle" and "Every Young Woman's Battle" to see if they would be good for my teens :).

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  1. ooooh, love this idea! I should do this sometime. . .but I can't imagine choosing only 10!!! chuckling

    BTW, The Every Man series. . .mmmm. . .pretty explicit IMO. I would never have my children read these, personally, as they have been pretty sheltered. I think for children who haven't been so sheltered or who have had some experiences (whether p*rn, actual experiences, molestation, etc) they would be okay to read WITH a parent, but if your children have been pretty protected, I would stay away from them. Just my opinion.


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