Monday, February 1, 2010

About 20 Years Ago...Forking Lawns and Jumping Railroad Tracks (Blog Hop)

About twenty years ago (when I was 18)....

That was then...
10. I was a senior in high school, planning on going to college to study missions and was going to be a missionary in Africa.
9. I weighed...ahem...a lot less.
8. I didn't know that babies could actually shoot poop.
7. I wore UGGS everywhere...who knew that someday they'd actually be cool.
6. I thought my oldest brother was the most OBNOXIOUS person on earth.
5. The height of entertainment was forking friends lawns and jumping railroad tracks.
4. I was the score keeper for the guys baseball team.
3. I thought a blog was something you coughed up when you had the flu.
2. I thought parachute pants, big hair, an awesome tape player, and Super Soakers were the ultimate in cool.
1. I loved God and was blessed constantly by His mercy.

This is now...
10. In Africa I found a beautiful daughter named Bekah and two more little blessings.
9. I realized that how I look cannot take priority over the little lives God has loaned me and His will for my life.
8. I'm thankful that my little poop machine guns are healthy and love our amazing God.
7. I now am too old to be cool and my daughter wears wanna-be UGGS (who's going to pay that kind of money for the real thing!)
6. I think my oldest brother is the most OBNOXIOUS person on earth (oh, you know you are Ralph! ;))
5. The height of entertainment is cuddling with my husband and children and contemplating if it's wrong to take my kids to fork their Uncle's lawn.
4. I am the score keeper for "Team Thomkat", otherwise known as our kids.
3. I think bloggers must be the most intelligent people on earth in order to share their lives with complete strangers...wait...uhhh
2. I think storage, digital cameras, washing machines,and Super Soakers are the ultimate in cool (What?! Your surprised?!)
1. I love God and am blessed constantly by His mercy.

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  1. Love the picture. It's funny how we reflect to see where we were and what we were doing is soooooo different than where we end up. I loved your post!

  2. Great thoughts on then (20 yrs ago) and now :o) What a wonderful sense of humor! haha love that your feelings for your brother haven't changed :o)

    What wonderful blessings you have in your life :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!

  3. Great blog post! Interesting how the super soaker stood the test of time! LOL

  4. The most important things never change do they.
    And what a relief that is!!

    Thanks Lord :-)


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