Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why I Haven't Posted About Haiti...

The situation in Haiti is beyond words for me right now. I am overwhelmed with emotion...drop to your knees, mind can't get wrapped around it emotion. It reminds me of 9/11, where it is just difficult for me to process...the sheer magnitude. I feel helpless. Thankfully God is much bigger than this...

We will glorify Him in this tragedy. We will see His name exalted and many brought to their knees. We will see people wake up from the deep slumber of complacency and begin to "do" instead of watch.

Even knowing this I still, in some ways, feel helpless. I long to take every one of these innocent little blessings, orphaned and alone, into my arms. I long to comfort these sweet parents mourning a vital part of them lost, their children. I long to wrap blankets around the widows in their sorrow. So I pray, we all must pray.

I'm sorry I haven't written more, done more...right now I just can't.

Thankfully, God can....

To see a blog that will bring you to your knees...read this blog at "Ordinary Hero".

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