Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Max ER Update

Update: My husband took our son Max (7) to the ER. Max fell and hit his eye before he had time to shut it. He has an abrasion on his eye the size of the tip of a finger. The doctors don't want to give him a patch. They said they want him to be able to flush his wound naturally with tears from blinking and a hot eye patch is a breeding ground for bacteria. He is to see an Opthamologist in the morning. Max is NOT going to love taking his meds ALL NIGHT LONG...he has to take anti-inflammatory meds before bed and antibiotics eye drops every 2 hours. Right now Max is in pain, but thinks it's a little cool that he's seeing yellow from the dye they put in his eye.

We're concerned, but we know God has this under control. We do trust these doctors and actually drive farther just to go to this ER. Please, if you have a moment, pray for our son...his healing and the sight in his eye.

Thank you all so much....

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  1. scary! Thanks for sharing--we'll be praying and keep us updated.


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