Sunday, January 3, 2010

Disastrous Visitors

Have you ever had one of those days where you are thinking that maybe you shouldn't have gotten out of bed? Where you are now in fear that if you move the world may spontaneously combust? (smile) You have now met my day, and it is now saying, "Very nice to meet you, can I come over?"

We've had some very unpleasant visitors today. Our very large acquaintance, Mr.Fib, started out this morning, making his presence known by playing eagerly with one of our children. He kinda takes over occasionally and invites his friends over to party. You may know them, Mrs.HadtohaveaconversationIdidnotwanttohave (even pronouncing her name is a pain) and Mr.Tripandfall. I really believe he's smuggled some more in too. He's even banding together with our cats. They fell for his old line, "They really like that smell." They fell for it so hard, that when I couldn't find their "present" and HAD to take a nap after Church, I found that it was in my room and it proceeded to take on a life of it's own. It now calls me "Mama".

My friend is sending me Destroi Andene Eye (who is usually very good at driving these uninvited guests away...she's so messy that even they don't want to be around). The only problem is that she likes to linger as well. Usually leaving a mess in her wake. She visits here sporadically, very entertaining to a few. She takes EVERYTHING out, occasionally breaks it, and then blames it on them (of course they would NEVER do that).

Me, well I'm setting here with my buddies today...Baaud Deesijohn (not native to the U.S.) and Redifo A. Gnudae. If you don't hear from me soon, our house might have gotten too crowded and I'm unable to find the phone (call for help! :))

Really though, seriously, I think these kind of days are good...they make the normal ones seem WONDERFUL :).

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  1. Whoa! Are you spying on me?! I am just in a FUNK today--I don't even feel like being around MYSELF! I told my hubby I'm ready to go to bed so when I get up I can start over. Just 'BLAH'. Yuck! Let's start afresh together tomorrow!


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