Saturday, January 9, 2010

Answers, Peace, and a Tad Bit of Craziness

For those of you waiting to see a picture of your future child for the first time, the wait can be really difficult. Yet, our small three month wait may not seem like much. A process of years, is what many in the adoptive world now face. So three months, well, it's not very long. If we receive our referral in an "average" time frame, we will see our children WITHIN the next three month. This is, at the outside (if we are average) a total of six months wait until referral. This is short, believe me!

Yet, in our previous adoptive journeys it was short for us. The wait was short, yet the wait time seemed like every day CRAWLED until we saw our children. It then went even SLOWER until we traveled to pick them up. We were happy, but it was a time of higher stress for us.

This time it's different. This time God has given us a peace. We are busy, yes, with five blessings at home you can be nothing but. The difference is still there though. We have been given a peace that passes understanding...quite literally. I don't understand it, except to say God's blessings abound.

The most frequent question we get nowadays is, "Any news on the twins?"

Nope, none, nada...we wait. No, God has given us an amazing peace this time and it doesn't really bother us. We're not waiting on a process. We're waiting on our children. God knows our children. We don' rushing it.

Wait though, in order to be completely honest, we do miss our twins terribly. We are at complete peace waiting, but at times our hearts hurt and our arms just ache to hold our children. We miss our babies. We have peace with waiting for them, yet we miss them.

God has granted us the privilege of parenting two more children. He has seen the hole in our family that we have been feeling. This large group of zany kids with wacky sense of humors are all ours, and their numbers are growing (Beware! :)). We feel the hole where our children should be.

Our sweet 13 year old put it best I think, "Mom, I hope the hole we feel in our family never goes away. I want the twins home, but after they are, I hope that feeling that we have of other children missing from our family doesn't fade."

You see, I'm not sure God is finished with us yet. Children are ALWAYS a blessing and if God leads us again, my husband and I will no longer stutter and argue, "Really God?". We will pray, pray, and pray in order to follow God and listen to Him (not our own hearts) and then follow, follow, follow (listening to God's heart).

So in answer to our second most frequently asked question, "Are you going to do this again?", we reply, "If God wills, we will."

Come enjoy the journey with us...the peace with us. It's amazingly joyful, with a tad bit of pain. It's amazingly blessed, with a tiny bit of sadness.

Most of all though, it's amazingly God's, and nothing...absolutely nothing...else matters.


God has brought us a long way in this adoption. He’s touched hearts and supplied funds in ways we didn't think possible!
We are now waiting!

Immediate Adoption Process Prayer Requests
*That the funds pour in like water in a surge of blessing and that God blesses us with the funds to accept the referral and travel when the time comes.
*That God’s hand is on the remaining paperwork and that they proceed with not a glitch, quickly and correctly. These are the papers we will need to accept the referral of our sweet little blessings, the papers to pass court, and the papers to bring them home.
*That our twins may be gathered into our family with a quickness blessed by God.

All Adoption Prayer Requests:
Please Pray…..
*For these little ones God has chosen to place in our family…for their physical and emotional health in a difficult place.
*For their biological family…that God has His hand on them and brings them peace in whatever they must face and the choices they will be making. Also, please pray that they come to know Christ and the peace only He can give.
*That God has His hand on this adoption, guiding us, bringing peace, and financially providing.
*Last, though it may seem a bit premature, please specifically pray that once we are referred our little ones, that they come home quickly and pass court the first time (many are starting to have multiple court dates and a LONG wait until travel). The Ethiopian government is being very cautious and caring with their wonderful children though and for that we are so thankful.
* That we have peace and not stress, trusting God in every step.

We also pray that hearts are convicted daily to open their families and lives to orphans around the world.


Also, please join us in prayers for three beautiful Christian families and five sweet children who are facing obstacles above and beyond what a adoption process usually looks like. This used to be four families, but God brought sweet Jubilee home from China just about a week ago. Governments will literally have to move for these older and special needs children to come home. Families are waiting for them and we are SO excited to see God work in these lives and these governments to bring these adoptive blessings home!

Olivia Mame (Ethiopia)-I would like to ask your prayers for a little sweet young girl in Ethiopia named Olivia Mame. There are some very immense road blocks, serious ones, that have to be conquered in order to finish the adoption of this precious young lady.

Daniel (Liberia)-A little one with hydrocephaly awaits his family. Please pray that Daniel does not deteriorate farther and that people in authority to move this case feel the passion to see this through quickly. There are also two more beautiful sweet blessings this family is trying to bring home as well.

Ronaldo and Julia (Guatemala)-For years this family has been trying to get their beautiful future children out of Guatemala. Every time it seems close there is another glitch. Please pray with us. Please pray that EVERY problem is resolved and every piece of paper has the perfection only God can give.

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  1. Kat,
    I love your blog! Thank you for posting prayer requsts for our sweet Daniel and for your comment today about our NEWS!
    Please do keep praying that everything stays in place so that Daniel will be home soonso that we may get his assessments and treatments implemented for him!
    at smithsoup


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