Monday, December 28, 2009

Our Sweet Niece-Prayer Needed

Yesterday very cool brother (don't tell him I said that, I'll deny it), my gorgeous sister-in-law, and amazing niece Sofia (can you tell we love them?!) were walking the dogs when my brother and Sofia suffered a fall on the asphalt. When my sister-in-law looked back they were both still and in shock. Though scraped up, for 30 minutes everything seemed ok... until my niece threw up and started acting oddly. After a call to 911 and a ct scan, it looks as if it's just a concussion (I don't say that lightly, but in comparison to what it could have been...).

Rarely a bleed can occur later and we are all praying that she continues to just recover normally. It looks like she's doing just that :)! Woo Hoo! She has been acting great (though my bro says slightly grumpy) and threw up once this morning as well.

Please pray for our niece's complete healing. She's a precious and sweet little girl that is such a blessing to all that surround her. Aunt Kat and Uncle Thomas love you Sofia! Get better soon!!!!!

This one is for you Sofia!

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