Sunday, December 20, 2009

He Placed the Greatest Love

We have a few sweet friends that have or are traveling down the road of fostering children. This is something that I believe is such an amazing blessing. My heart swells knowing I have friends stepping forward in this sometimes, no often, difficult journey. Yet, I think of these children. Much of the time they are taken out of their home without warning. Much of the time they have witnessed or been subjected to horrible things. Many children come to recognize that a social worker is coming to take them again and they just get their bags and are ready to go.

It concerns me that a system would have so many repeated reunification plans that eventually the child’s best welfare is lost. Yet I do believe in family reunification…I do believe in second chances….just not to the detriment of the child. There are no right answers, just a lot of questions and prayers over the best way.

Something occurred to me recently though. The parallel between fostering and Christ’s coming to this earth. Mary and Joseph, on a far off night in a manger, celebrated the birth of their son Jesus….God’s son Jesus. They cared for Him and loved Him. They raised Him, yet He knew who His Father was….His Father in Heaven. He knew that their was a reunification plan….a very painful one. He knew that His Heavenly Father loved Him and didn’t do anything wrong. Yet here He was on earth…because of what we have done. Kinda backwards, isn’t it?

Our Father in Heaven’s son, whom He WILLINGLY gave, sacrificed, parted with because of His love for others.

This is where I think of the foster parents. This is where I am reminded of what they give daily. They pour their hearts into these children. They love them. Yet, they know in the end they have to do something that may be painful to the children and that may cause them more harm (at times) than good. They often have to give them back to someone who may or may not have changed. This can be an amazingly beautiful thing, when successful or this can be an amazingly hard thing when a child, scarred with more trauma than when they left, returns. These parents are amazing. They want what is best for their children.

They want what’s best for their children…just as God did. He loved us so much that He knew what was best for us. He chose to give it to us in the most painful way, for Him and for His Son. He chose to have Jesus walk among us, the sinners. He sent His child into the homes of those in the most downtrodden of situations.

Instead of a child going from a bad situation, to a good one…it happened in exactly the opposite way. How much must He love us to watch His precious Son be born to die for us?

Celebration of His Heavenly Plan coming to fruition? Yes. Knowing that He came to earth to die? Yes.

Whenever I look at these hurt children around the world, I remember our Savior who wasn’t a hurt child….until He came to earth for us.

I thank the Lord for the opportunity to lay witness to God’s blessings around the world. I thank God for the opportunity to live in a family with love. And finally, I thank God that He placed the greatest love on earth for His children so that we could learn what it is to be truly loved.

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