Sunday, October 11, 2009

Has it Been This Long?

It was years ago (this month) in a small city in California that I ran into my mom’s room saying a phrase I never thought would come out exactly the way it did, “Mom, I think my water broke.” I never thought that I wouldn’t KNOW if my water broke, but “think” it did. A few minutes later, there was NO doubt.

My husband had gone before me to Germany to report to our military base (I couldn’t fly…I was too far along in pregnancy). It was a quick trip to the hospital and a long labor. Tom wasn’t ready to come out into the world. I would call my husband from my hospital bed and put the phone to my abdomen. Even the nurses laughed as they watched his heart rate go up as he listened to his daddy. We would watch him squirm and kick the phone (at least I think it was a kick) as I placed it on my VERY pregnant belly.

He arrived screaming into this world and hasn’t stopped since. He goes at everything with passion (except maybe cleaning the kitty litter box…and I guess I’d be worried if he did). He loves with passion, tackles with passion, and serves with passion. I have many “favorite” memories, but a few that I’ll share today.

Moment #1- When he became not only my son, but my brother. He was immersed in water committing His life to Christ.

Moment #2-When he climbed out of the pool in Ethiopia, his feet bleeding from carrying orphans across the pool over and over and over again, and he turned to look at me and say, “Mom, can I go back in again and keep carrying them….please?”.

Moment #3….on the streets of Ethiopia. We were walking along the side of the roads, poverty surrounding us. He looked at me and asked if we could take the guard accompanying us and go across the street and give his money to a destitute mother with a little child….that I didn’t even notice.

My son is a privilege to parent. Yes, he’s human and on occasion duct tape sounds mighty tempting (JOKING), but he’s a wonderful son. I thank the Lord for the blessing of loaning him to me. I can’t imagine the agony of what God gave us. I look at my son and am stunned by the enormity of God’s gift.

Thank you my Most Amazing Heavenly Father for the gift of Tom.

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