Monday, September 7, 2009

Red Lights, Kittens, and Side Notes

As I sat on this old blue couch, which had survived many years of children, illness, and animals, I felt the contractions hitting me. We lived in Germany, but came back to my parent’s house in the states to have our second child. The contractions were eight minutes apart and, like a good girl, I was obeying the doctor’s order to wait until they were 5 minutes apart for an hour. At least I was a good girl for about 20 minutes after my husband got off the phone with the doctor.

Side note: Women, trust what your bodies are telling you.

Though the contractions still remained at 8 minutes apart, I looked at my husband and stated, “We’re going to the hospital now.”

Side note: Husbands, listen to your wives…they know their bodies better than doctors.

My AWESOME husband immediately grabbed the bags and we started our 20-minute journey to the hospital. As we hit the first red light at 3:00am, I started the lecture, “Honey, STOP!!!” Ok, so that was the extent of my lecture. It didn’t matter that it was 3:00am and there was not another car in sight for miles. It didn’t matter that the contractions HURT. After all, laws were laws for a reason.

Side note: Husbands listen to your wives….most of the time.

My husband didn’t listen and we survived somewhat in one piece. As we started to pull into the back entrance of the hospital, our car slammed to a halt. An adorable momma kitty was leading her kittens across the entrance. As I ordered my husband to get a box out of the back of the car to catch these poor wild cats, he looked at me incredulously. It didn’t matter that my contractions were now two minutes apart, these kittens situation was perilous.

Side note: Ok, husbands listen to your wives….within reason.

We did not stop to rescue the poor sad kitties.

The contractions were rolling. It took 1 ½ hours before Sarah showed her sweet little face (doctor said to bring a catchers mitt next time).

In the womb Sarah would quiet down whenever someone prayed, when she arrived her cry was quiet and sweet…she was tiny and adorable at a whopping 8 lbs 14 ½ oz.

She has been spiritual and sweet since (though you will often hear us say, “Sarah, you were so sweet, what happened?!).

This month we celebrate a day that blessed our lives beyond measure. She is a treasure, a blessing, a comedian, a gift from God. Happy Birthday God’s Sarah! Let the teenage years and the joy of embarrassing you as a teen (a whole new level) continue!

Side note: No joke, it’s a gift being able to embarrass your kids…a gift we love having in abundance!

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