Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The State Capital and Our Missing (and Found) Three Year Old

2003 was the last time Thomas and I went away together without the children AND that was when we were bringing home Max from Moscow. We have had our “dates” and such, but overnight? Nope, we just haven’t done it.

Sunday we went to our State Capital. Mom kept all five children and Thomas and I had a night at the Holiday Inn. This was a trial run for our current youngest, Bekah (3). She had never spent the night at Grandma’s and will have to for at least a week when we go to Ethiopia. They were all great…not a tear. Mom said every time the phone rang Bekah would say, “That’s mommy!”, but not much else.

That’s without mentioning the fact that Bekah disappeared at about 2am though. Sarah (12) was spending the night in the “play room” with Bekah. Sarah had the top trundle bed and Bekah had the bottom, close to the floor (in case she fell out). Sarah woke up at 2am and Bekah wasn’t in her bed. She checked beside the bed…no Bekah. She wasn’t worried at this point as she figured that Bekah went into grandma. She got up and started looking…no Bekah. She wasn’t in Grandma’s room, the kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere else. Though she started to get really scared, she’s a trooper and didn’t panic. She instead went back to her room to look again, hoping beyond hope that she was just so sleepy and somehow didn’t see Bekah. Nope, Bekah wasn’t there. There was just a pile of covers UNDER the bed. To be safe, Sarah went close and looked at the covers…they looked a little weird. Bekah was wrapped under the covers, under the bed…sound asleep. Sarah, the sweet girl that she is, got her little sister and put her back on the bed. She told Bekah that she still needed to get covers or she would be cold. Bekah immediately started to climb back under the bed to go to sleep. Poor Sarah…

When Bekah woke up in the morning she immediately asked Grandma if she could play under the bed…hmmmm.

Back to Thomas and I…

When we arrived the Secretary of State Apostille section, we were sure we’d have to find something to do for a couple of hours, after all we had 25 papers to be certified to be sent to Ethiopia. Everyone else was coming in with one or two…then there was us. We handed our papers over and it actually only took 30 very quick minutes to do all 25. This trip ended up being VERY quick….three and a half hours later, we were home. Ok, so it was more like five since we got turned around.

Anyway, this is to let everyone know that we have completed the next step…the Dossier (paperwork) is ready. We are now just finishing the “gathering of the funds” stage. If you could please join us in prayer for this last Dossier part (funds to accompany), we would really appreciate it. Without mentioning names, thank you so much to our friend that sent funds to aid in this step. It amazed us and encouraged us. We didn't expect it and really appreciated it. We hope to gather enough this week to send in the Dossier quickly. God has and will provide in His time. We are VERY thankful our insanity is not His and never could be (smile). He is SOOO good!

Immediate Adoption Process Prayer Requests (Next 1-2 weeks)
*That God’s hand is on the remaining paperwork and that they proceed with not a glitch, quickly and correctly.
*That God blesses us with the funds to submit the paperwork (dossier) to Ethiopia when the time comes (hopefully within a week).

All Adoption Prayer Requests:
Please Pray…..
*For these little ones God has chosen to place in our family…for their physical and emotional health in a difficult place.
*For their biological family…that God has His hand on them and brings them peace in whatever they must face.
*That God has His hand on this adoption, guiding us, bringing peace, and financially providing. That the funds pour in like water in a surge of blessing.
*Last, though it may seem a bit premature, please specifically pray that once we are referred our little ones, that they come home quickly and pass court the first time (many are starting to have multiple court dates and a LONG wait until travel). The Ethiopian government is being very cautious and caring with their wonderful children though and for that we are so thankful.
*Lastly, that we have peace and not stress, trusting God in every step

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