Sunday, August 23, 2009

No Way (a.k.a. I Can't)

As we explore the direction of our lives it becomes clearer and clearer that the path we thought tread only on God’s ways were sometimes on “No Ways….”

God there’s no way we can change jobs. This job is secure and has great insurance, there is just no way I can do that!

God, I know my life belongs to you, but I don’t have time to take on something else. You know that, so I know you must not really expect that of me….there is just no way I can do that.

God, I have a family and children, I can’t leave them for three weeks and go half way across the world, there is just no way…

God, I know I’ve been praying for you to show me where I can glorify you the most, but I cannot change Churches. They are my family and friends. They won’t understand. My kids are settled there. These are good people. I know that I can glorify you just as well here without changing Churches. There is just no way…

God, I really like this series. I know television isn’t a necessity and the program really is…well…very worldly and promoting stuff I really don’t like, but I’m a grown up. My watching it doesn’t matter because I know the difference between right and wrong. I am one person and I don’t personally keep it on the Thursday night line up….there’s is no way this could be that big of deal.

God, I know my body is a temple of you. I know you love me. I know that you always love me. I just have a few “vices” and I know food is a weakness for me. I can’t change though, it’s too tiring while taking care of the kids and working, there is just no way….

God, I have beautiful and healthy children, they are such a joy to me…thank you. You know I support and help care for orphans with my finances and often with my time. I follow your command to, “help orphans and widows in their distress”. Lord, I can’t ask though, I’m sorry…I can’t ask you if you have more children planned for me. I can’t do it. If your answer was yes…sigh…well it would just be too much for me. I’m sorry God, but there’s just no way….

God, I can not move. It’s too far and too many are dependent on me. I can't move my family half way across the world. It’s too much and there’s just no way my kids would adjust, there’s just no way….

God, I just can’t say something. I just can’t. I might lose a relationship precious to me. I know that you can’t want me to say anything. How is it loving to say something that will hurt? How is it Your will that I possibly lose someone so important to me? There’s just no way I can do this…..

Somehow I’m tired of not traveling God’s way. It’s really scary, there’s no doubt, but it’s magnificent and glorious as well. It’s not easy, oh no, it’s not always easy. The reward is great though, better than any of us could imagine.

Next time you travel the “no way” path…
Next time you don’t ask God the question, because you don’t want to know the answer…
Next time you deny the truth you’ve always known….

Think about this…
What if Christ had said, “There is no way I can die for them Father…they don't deserve it. There's just no way....”

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