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Why I Believe What I Believe-Abortion

I did not write this series of blogs to cause division, but as a journey to share and to find (at times) what I believe based on the Bible. There are three blogs (so far) to this series....Judgement, Homosexuality, and Abortion. I am working on more as I try to discover and/or write down my foundation of beliefs. I have written all these blogs out of love. There is no anger or any thoughts of being "better" than someone else, I mess up a lot, believe me.


In God’s infinite mercy, I was born to a mom who loved God. She shared with me the invaluable message found in God’s word. My mom always taught me to think for myself. I wasn’t just to accept what a preacher said or those in authority, but to seek God for myself, not to be rebellious, but to delve into His infallible word and seek His truths. Men are fallible, God is not.

I have found myself faced lately with the inescapable issues that we are confronted with every day, judging others, the gay lifestyle, abortion. These aren’t pleasant things for me to talk about, but I feel that inner tugging that God often gives me to verbalize what I’ve come to know. It may be just for myself, but I don’t ignore the tug.

God is a God of love. He created us to love Him. Yet so much degradation and destruction of His creation lies in our hands. To scream and shout at others, when our hands are those that took the hammer and nails to our Savior, doesn’t do justice to the mercy God has given us.

That said, I must in good conscience share with you the truths I have found in God’s word. The interesting thing is that God wants what’s best for us and we often find that that knowledge is laid out for us in the same Science that others try to dissuade with.

God is our Father. God is A Father as well. His Son was in a womb….Mary’s womb. Yet we are His children. He has placed us. He has, in His tender care, placed us in a position as His children. He laid out our unformed little bodies into our mother’s wombs. We are His children and He is the Father of all children. Yet somehow along the way we have decided that though God has placed His precious creation in a warm and safe place, it is ours to decide if it stays there. In the Bible it states in Psalms 139:13 “For you created my inmost being, you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” Hope reigns in these words. God holds us, knows us…the whole chapter in Psalms is about that. What comfort it has given me! Hope….hope that a Father…THE Father cares about me so much that He placed me. He placed me!

Yet the world is so quick to say “How can I make the decision for someone else? They need to make the decision for themselves”. The decision has already been made, that’s where we make our mistake. Can we say God’s decision is wrong…we may rail and scream and question God’s decision, but is it wrong? Do you have that much power? No. The decision has been made. To legislate that we have another decision to make is purely the workings of the blindness we all suffer from in to one degree or another. Though none of us wants to confront the temptations….sin…that we like so much…it doesn’t make it any less of a sin. We can’t make right and wrong any less so just because we want to have a choice where none exists… except if we remain in the empty void of sin.

Mothers have said (much to my sadness) that they wish their child had never been born. I ache for them. Everyone knows that’s not acceptable and knows a child is a blessing from God (no matter how difficult), yet, though we know this, we let society say that a child is not a blessing, but a choice that we can use to control….to show our superiority…our superiority to who…to God.

Science shows us that a child’s heart beats at 18 days….only four days after a first menstrual period is missed. It shows us that the gene’s present once conception has taken place, are the same genes you have at birth and through your entire adult life. I found it interesting that using ultrasound techniques, it was first shown that REM (rapid eye movements) which are characteristic of active dream states have been demonstrated at 23 weeks. REM have since been recorded 17 weeks after conception. There is so much more in science that shows that a baby in that warm safe place…well, is life. Science is an amazing thing that God gave us. Yet it is consistently used (or not used …such as a fetal heartbeat monitor at most abortion clinics) to try to dissuade us that a baby IS a baby at conception.

Now we get to the difficult part….rape and incest. What horrible sins to be perpetrated on another. The scars and the memories may never fade completely. The pain and violence is just unfathomable. I cannot claim to comprehend what is gone through and we all pray we never will. The memory compounded by 9 months of pregnancy may seem more than a person can be asked to take, yet…..if your belief is in life and God’s purpose then you need to stop and think. If it is a life before birth during a normal path to conception….then he or she is still a life even brought on by an act of violence. To perpetrate an act that is destructive on an innocent…no more at fault than anyone else….it doesn’t solve the pain that was gone through. It is then compounded.

This is not to say we should scream "Murderer!" in front of Abortion Clinics. This will in no way bring people to Christ or share His truth. I loved what friends of ours did. They stood in front of Abortion Clinics with their children and prayed.

As God places a child He gives us a choice....this is a choice to honor the wonderful blessing this child is or to destroy. We are very good at destruction. Can we legislate this as immoral? Yes, even Roe from "Roe verses Wade" has come to that same decision. She has come to the decision that when God places a child an act of violence is not the answer to life's problems. God knows what choice we will make. He knows life...even for a few weeks or months is a blessing. As friends of mine held their baby...knowing even at birth that she only had days to live. They did not once regret her as they held her in their arms.

Please understand, I don’t write this out of hatred, but love. Who of us doesn’t step in when a child hits another child. Do we let our brother drink themselves into an alcoholic state every night and not say anything. Out of love we look at God’s truths and show our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ that we love them by saving them from as much pain as we can. There are many times in my life that I wish someone had stopped me and though I have learned from those times, I will always strive to share the truth of God with others.

A thought…Mary, pregnant with our Savior, met her cousin Elizabeth. Elizabeth, pregnant with John, felt him leap in her womb….recognizing our Savior (Luke 1:39-41). Life…in the most amazing form…the Christ…the Son of God in utero.

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