Saturday, August 22, 2009

Almost 6 Years Ago and Our Seven Year Blessing

This month holds Max’s Birthday. It is so hard to believe how fast time has flown with this little guy. It was almost 6 years ago when we sat in an orphanage in Moscow, Russia and watched him giggle for the first time at his daddy’s car keys (don’t ask how they made it to Russia, but very thankful they did). The picture of Max on my lap was taken right after we met him. I am SO thankful for that day. When we walked into the orphanage, silent with 11 other one year olds, there sat our son. His eyes were empty and devoid of all hope. Yet God had a magnificent plan for this precious little boy. He had a plan that we hope has blessed his life, but we KNOW has blessed ours. God loves our little guy, this is so obvious. Again, we feel so unworthy to be blessed so greatly. We love you our son, our blessing…may your birthday be happy!

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