Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our Fourth of July Celebration

Yes, I am a mean mom and subject my kids to constant photos (so mean). I've told my kids (and a couple have learned the hard way) that I will take 200 pics (over a two hour period) just to get a picture I like. They can either make it easy or hard. Man, I get good pics quick! LOL

Yes, our oldest is absent from the individual pictures. I took them, but he kindly asked me not to post them. As someone who doesn't enjoy pics of herself I occasionally will let my kids go, "I don't like that one."

Here is our Fourth of July celebration...enjoy!

Please continue to pray with us as we bring our twins home from Ethiopia...
Please Pray…..
*For these little ones God has chosen to place in our family…for their physical and emotional health in a difficult place.
*For their biological family…that God has His hand on them and brings them peace in whatever they must face.
*That God has His hand on this adoption, guiding us, bringing peace, and financially providing. That the funds pour in like water in a surge of blessing.
*Currently we are in the paperwork stage in which many issues can occur. Please pray that God has His hand on our paperwork and that it gets done and processed quickly and correctly.
*Last, though it may seem a bit premature, please specifically pray that once we are referred our little ones, that they come home quickly and pass court the first time (many are starting to have multiple court dates and a LONG wait until travel). The Ethiopian government is being very cautious and caring with their wonderful children though and for that we are so thankful.

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  1. you have a beautiful family :)



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