Monday, July 6, 2009

My Child

This was in my heart today. I didn’t write it out of judgment… but it was written out of love mixed with anguish. It was one of those days I felt like screaming at the top of my lungs “Please someone do something!”. We go to our Heavenly Father and He guides us in His will. This I am SO thankful for. Please don’t take this as condemnation of anyone, but a heart filled with overflowing love for these little ones, knowing many are called elsewhere, but my heart does ache for many Christians who have the opportunity to be blessed and just say “I can’t”.


Walking down the street, it is hard sometimes knowing that around the world children are setting alone. Some are rocking to comfort themselves or kicking stones down a dirt path. Others are walking down the side of the road with their infant brother tied their back. All these children have one thing in common, they have no one who calls them “my child”.

Tom loves football and is all teen…with a huge heart and desire to spare others feelings. He is my child.

My heart breaks at the thought of tears streaming down a child’s face as they cry at night…not wanting anyone to see…they wait in an orphanage not knowing if anyone will ever call them “my child”.

Sarah has this crazy sense of humor…she also has an amazing heart and desire to serve our Lord and Savior. She is my child.

I wish my heart could express the torrent of tears as it breaks for these children. The child who tries to swallow as fast as she can as the food is shoveled into her mouth…spilling out just as fast…knowing she won’t have another chance to eat today. Her body is wasting away as the nutrition fails to make it into her system. Nobody cares for her….she strains to feel the hope that someday someone will call her “my child”.

Anna is very dramatic. She is in tears if a bug dies…but those same tears indicate a sensitive spirit that cares for all living things. She is my child.

I feel like my heart is actually torn when I think of the last time I walked out of orphanage number two in Moscow, Russia. All those little ones looking back at me. Many with special needs that were considered unadoptable…setting in soaking clothes because even in this day and age there is a fear that if they touched them they may “catch” something. In all likelihood, these children will never have someone call them “my child”.

Max is more stubborn than any of our other children. Yet this stubbornness kept him alive and will glorify God when devoted to Him. He is “my child”

I watched stretchers be born away as we drove through the street of Ethiopia. Bodies covered with colorful blankets. Another family drenched in devastation…another child orphaned. The agencies may never find them. They may wander the street remembering when someone called them “my child”.

Bekah has hit three full force…she likes to get her way. She is also a child so filled with a joy that it is overflowing. She is my child.

I bow my head in prayer. Begging…pleading for the conviction of just one person who used to say “I don’t know how you do it. I couldn’t handle any more. I already have my child”.

God’s very nature holds us and nurtures us. His eyes look on these little ones, all alone. He holds them when no one else will and He always says, “This is my child”.

“I can’t God”. “I won’t God”. “I can’t ask you God, because I don’t want to know your answer”. “Please don’t ask me”. “I already have a house full of children”. “I have too much on my plate. I can’t call another child ‘my child’”.

At last I think of the little hand, smooth…smelling like the dirt they were just playing in, slipping into mine. Seeing the joy lighting their eyes at this gift. The joy of a gift that will give this little one hope, security, and love. This gift is just four little words. Words that every child longs to hear, yet many never get to hear them. Four little words that God tells us every day….

“You are my child”.


Please continue to pray with us as we bring our twins home from Ethiopia...
Please Pray…..
*For these little ones God has chosen to place in our family…for their physical and emotional health in a difficult place.
*For their biological family…that God has His hand on them and brings them peace in whatever they must face.
*That God has His hand on this adoption, guiding us, bringing peace, and financially providing. That the funds pour in like water in a surge of blessing.
*Currently we are in the paperwork stage in which many issues can occur. Please pray that God has His hand on our paperwork and that it gets done and processed quickly and correctly.
*Last, though it may seem a bit premature, please specifically pray that once we are referred our little ones, that they come home quickly and pass court the first time (many are starting to have multiple court dates and a LONG wait until travel). The Ethiopian government is being very cautious and caring with their wonderful children though and for that we are so thankful.

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