Friday, July 3, 2009

The Blacketer Family

Since I'm out of the habit of writing in a blog regularly, it didn't occur to me that I could share a HUGE prayer request with all of you.

Thomas and I have been privileged to know an amazing couple at Church, Jack and Barbara. Sometimes you meet people that you know are just supposed to be a part of your lives. There is just a connection. They are like extended family to us and have a very special place in our hearts. Awhile back their grandson and granddaughter were in a very serious accident. It's been a long road to recovery especially for their grandson Brandon, though he's been home and doing really good until yesterday. He's only in his 20's and from everything we've heard, he's such a survivor. Yesterday Brandon had a stroke.

Please pray for his healing and for peace for the Blacketer's and their family. We are praying for them and hurting with feels like it has happened to our family too.

As of yet today their is no improvement or change in any way.

Sunday-Brandon is now home. He is able to talk some and is on anti seizure meds to try to prevent this from happening again. Thank you all for the prayers!!!!!

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