Friday, June 26, 2009

Why I Believe What I Believe-Judgement

After perusing another sweet blog today I decided to post this again.

The Bible says, “Do not judge or you to shall be judged” (Matthew 7:1). For that I am so thankful. We cannot judge someone’s heart, only God can. As it says in Hebrews 4:12 &13. Unfortunately, this verse is often misinterpreted (and not read all the way through). Misinterpretation is a veil that hides the truth of God’s word. We all read our thoughts into what we are reading in the Bible, but to look at the words of God in His infallible complete Word, we find that God’s meaning of this verse is not what many interpret it to be. The words that are not in the Bible “Judge the sin and not the sinner” have a firm basis in the word of God. We cannot judge the sinner. Who are we to know a man’s heart? Thus, “Do not judge or you to will be judged”. Yet, this does not mean that the other absolute truths of the Bible suddenly become nonexistent. God told us…gave the ability for us to see….yes, sin. We see the sin we fight daily in our own lives. We interpret one verse wrong and it will be then saying that the Word of God is flawed….the rest of the Bible is not the truth. God says we may not judge another…a sinner….but gives us the ability to judge sin.

What is interesting about Matthew 7:1 is that it goes on in that verse…”Do not judge, or you to too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” Even if you do interpret this as we shall not judge any thing (including sin) of a person then you need to read on. Because if we judge the sin (not the sinner) in love, wanting what’s best for them and wanting to bring them back to the purity of God’s love (not in condemnation) then our judgments of sin are based singly on the love God has given us AND the forgiveness and grace.

We have to be cautious and do EVERYTHING in love. We are sinful; none of us is without sin. We have to be careful for we do have the “log in our own eye” that we also need to remove to see clearly (Matthew 7:3-5)…to truly go to someone in love out of concern for them, not in ANY way putting ourselves up above anyone…for we are not. Not to gain benefit to us, but to bring glory to God and to aid those we love and are called to love.

In the Bible, from Noah to Jonah, from Peter and Paul and the apostles, and most especially from Jesus....many were made aware of their sin. Nineveh repented and many found there way to the love of God. Sodom and Gomorrah did hurts to think what Lot went through when leaving the city....watching people pass him in the street and knowing that they were dead walking.

We are told in the Bible (Matthew 18:15-17) that when someone sins against us (thus judging sin) that we are to go to them, if they do not turn away from sin then we bring another with us and then eventually we bring it in front of the Church. How are we to know that someone is sinning (including ourselves) if we are not to lay judgment on sin.

When we are confronted by those we love heading down the path to alcoholism...or already there , out of love we talk to them....try to make them see. When our children hit someone, we let them know that it's not right. When a spouse cheats...a heart that is tearing knows that this is wrong. God has set right and wrong and if we declare that He hasn't we are ignoring the truths God set before us. What is the Bible if not God's Holy Word? It is infallible, not a choice. I pray my eyes aren't blinded by my own sin. They may be....but I pray God helps me to see. We are given a knowledge through the scripture that is definite and infinite. To judge something a sin is to look at the infallible word and say that it is right and we love our neighbor enough to share with them God's truth....just like I would hope and pray they would share it with me. I have no right to judge a man, but the actions they take can change the world. We can judge man's actions by what God gives us....otherwise sin would not exist in this world other than what we deemed sin (no absolutes, just what we thought or wanted to see). Hitler, we all judge his actions a sin. Osama as well. The nation can't be guided by rules set by man, but by "every word that comes from the mouth of God". We follow God's rules. For us to truly love someone we have to want what is best for them and to do what is necessary and many times may be painful to help them. If we walked the street and randomly hurt, maimed, tripped, crippled those around us then someone would stop us...albeit none to gently. As Christians we have that opportunity to do this all in love. We have choices. God did not make us to be robotic simulations of true humans. Some of those choices will be wrong and no matter how we phrase it....a sin. Can we not do whatever it takes to keep someone from that pain? Though we cannot make a decisions for them, we can (knowing the infallible word) use the tools God has given us. Yes, sometimes that is laws...God set government in place...sometimes it's boycotts or choosing another form of schooling (depending on the situation). It is easy for us to do nothing. It is scary to stand up, say something, and be told that it is hate mongering to feel that way. God is it. He is the truth.

It scares me, real fear….to see that some, either Churches or leadership, tell us that they will not take a stance on sin. These are those that state knowledge of the Bible, yet deny it’s infallibility. They will not confront sin for what it is and they will not lift the veil off their eyes to see, that belief is not started and not solidified by what those in positions of power say, but by the “very Word that comes from the mouth of God”. Man cannot change the Bible, the absolute truth, no matter what authority they have here on earth.

This is not meant to hurt anyone, this is not politics, this is not liberal vs. conservative....this is the Bible.

I pray my eyes are opened to my sin and I pray all of our eyes are opened to God's truth.

I needed to put forth that this is about searching God's word for is about searching the word of God...seeking Him and His absolute truths. Saying "Not my will, but Yours" and getting past what the world has instilled in us from the day we were born and getting to what God wants to instill in us. I have had some harsh realizations this past year. It was not easy and fairly painful, but a veil has been lifted from my eyes about myself. It's not pleasant or pretty. But I am so amazingly grateful and thankful that God has opened my heart to truths that I could have never fathomed. That's the thing about being blind to God's truth...we get angry, we fight Him (unfortunately I have). That’s just the thing about being blind, we can't see. There are truths out there that I don't know yet. Truths that I won't know until I see Him.

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